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Updated 26 days ago

I regret becoming a nurse... - 129 Replies

[QUOTE who="slpmstr in San Jose, California"]I am a crna. I was a registered respiratory therapist and RN. Respiratory therapist jobs are precarious...


Updated 1 month ago

NEW RN cant find job - 51 Replies

[QUOTE who="lillabella in Alpharetta, Georgia"]So has anyone tried working for free for the one year that employers are requiring? Does a year of...

Bella26 in Calabasas, California

How do you find a best ranked Registered Nursing program?

I was wondering, since I was a nurse, how do nurses generally go about finding the best program to attend?

CC in Tampa, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

Anyone Sick of the healthcare system.... - 28 Replies

Have been in the nursing profession for 34 yrs and totally burned out... Was a Case Manager for insurance companies. Made a career change and...

cjenniemarie@*****.*** in Buffalo, New York

All The postions I have applied for

Please give me the jobs that I have applied for and the reason for not being hired.

wander4ever in Knoxville, Tennessee

LPN/LVN Doctor's Office Salary

I'm curious as the salary of LPNs working in doctor's offices? Please also list your state or geographic area! Thanks!! :)

MFordRescare in New York, New York

New Grad Opportunities

New grads welcome! Direct Hire opportunities for RN and LPN positions! Job Overview Pay & Benefits: Competitive Location: Openings are in...

Dave Patel in Carol Stream, Illinois

H1B Nurse - Home Health Care

Looking for a registered nurse for a in office and field position. H1B visa Sponsorship available. How do we find such candidates ?

Dee516 in New Brunswick, New Jersey

2016 HS Grad Needing Nurse School Help And Advice

Hello All, I live in the state of NJ (Middlesexx County) and have not found any of my council members at my school to be of any help. I graduate...

Nurse Christy in Coeur D Alene, Idaho

Updated 41 months ago

job search for online adjunct - 1 Reply

I want to be an online adjunct faculty. I enjoy my full time job with patient care. I want to teach nursing online. I have a Master's in Public...

melodywinf@*****.*** in Duluth, Georgia

Updated 42 months ago

Is the Associates in Nursing curriculum easy compared to the pre-med prerequsites?or same difficulty level? - 4 Replies

Please share your opinion and thoughts.

Courtmoore in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 43 months ago

Global Health Nurse Training Services - 333 Replies

Has anyone heard of this school? Its in Alexandria, VA. Im thinking of going there for the LPN program. I want some feedback from the public since...

Running1987 in Waterbury, Connecticut

Stuck on direction to go to become a nurse

Hi, have six year's of healthcare experience under my belt. I currently have a bachelor's degree and work as a counselor at the moment. I am working...

KitKat, RN in Garfield, New Jersey

Where can I get informed about NJ Nursing Labor Laws? What makes a nursing contract binding & official?

I was hired at my mother's work through connections as a RN. It is a subacute/rehab facility. During the "interview", I was not asked any nursing...

Jessica in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

RN or OTR?

I am a 28 year old with a BA from Ohio State. I, like many other college grads, was not able to get a job with my major. I know that I want to...

Damon in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Are Ventilators keeping you up at night?

Working in the ICU can be pretty stressful! After a long 12 hours shift I often reflect on the day that has passed and wonder in amazement how I...

Pat Dominguez in Odessa, Texas

Updated 58 months ago

The best part is... - 2 Replies

What do you enjoy most about nurse work? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and advance? What...

PNAP TRAP in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 61 months ago

VRP in PA - 3 Replies

I've been reading alot of everyones situations, and let me add that the PA state board could care less if you are successful at this program. I have...

too true in Redmond, Oregon

Updated 61 months ago

Is being a nurse very stressfull? - 3 Replies

I know nurses make good money and im a caring person so I would like to help people but is the job very stressful? Im a sensitive person so I am not...

jahall05 in Youngstown, Ohio

Will you fill out my survey? Communication in healthcare organizations.

I am looking for students in clinical rotations and practicing professionals to fill out a survey on communication in healthcare organizations.This...


Who Else Want To Start A Nursing Staffing Agency?

I am currently a Certified Nurse Assistant and interested in exploring the field of starting a temp nurse staff agency in Southern California for...

Missy in Athens, Georgia

Updated 64 months ago

Standard Health School in Fallschurch - 1 Reply

I'm thinking of attending this school next need of good and bad reviews please. thanks

BryanStr in Pleasantville, New York

Updated 71 months ago

Nursing - ADN Schools - 1 Reply

Hello, Im Looking For A RN-ADN program here in southeast texas,(online is also an option ) I graduated from HS in 2008 , have a four yr old , and I...

Beamer in Bakersfield, California

Updated 72 months ago

Is Nursing the right career for me? :/ - 2 Replies

I know nursing requires science and math, which I am not good at except math I am sort of good at but knowing its going to be college math scares me....

joshgunner99 in gator's creek, Georgia

Updated 73 months ago

Show me the money... - 4 Replies

What are typical nurse salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What...

Average in Medford, Massachusetts

Updated 73 months ago

the versatility of a BSN - 3 Replies

One of my instructors suggested that I go for a 18-month BSN. It sounds great until one considers the fact that I'm not that much of a people person...

msrn in Texas

finding job with discipline

Has anyone successful with finding a job with discipline on the license? Do you think clinics and doctors office are more likely to hire then the...

NurseJackie in Livonia, Michigan

Updated 81 months ago

No Nursing Shortage! - 242 Replies

I am a new graduate nurse and feel your pain as well. I graduated with BSN several months ago, passed the boards, and received my license and still...

21kendra in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 81 months ago

Online registered nurse training. - 2 Replies

Are there any online registered nurse training programs. I mean no RN to BSN. You are licensed or certified in anything else like the admission...

Joni mol Jose in Albany, New York

Updated 82 months ago

US working visa sponsorship for RN - 1 Reply

I'm a RN in the Philippines. I worked in a hospital for almost 6 years. I passed the NCLEX-RN and have a visa screen certificate. Unfortunately, due...

Liz in Buffalo, New York

Updated 82 months ago

Best or REALLY good Nursing schools in GA or online? - 3 Replies

Hi, I have been laid off twice in three years, recently I've decided to switch careers and get into the healthcare industry. I started off by taking...

Mary in Rockville, Maryland

Updated 84 months ago

Cosmetic Training Program Worth it? - 1 Reply

I'm debating if I should take a course with Cosmetic Medical Training to learn to inject botox and dermal fillers. Does anyone have experience with...


Updated 92 months ago


Looking for free CNA training in St. Louis or Illinois area PLEASE!!!

RNinDC in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 93 months ago

REGISTERED NURSES FOR USA , Nursing Jobs - 4 Replies

We are recruiting Registered Nurses from around the world for Registered Nursing positions in many locations in across the US. We need nurses with...

HALIMAIBRAHIM in Satellite Provider

Updated 94 months ago

What is a Nurse Anesthesiologist - 2 Replies

What is a nurse anesthesiologist, and what do they do? Is it hard work, and is the schooling hard? I just heard about this career not to long...

DenimBlue in U.S.A., District of Columbia

Updated 100 months ago

Nurse Esthetics- how do I get into this specialty? - 3 Replies

I want to specialize in medi spa/beauty nursing industry. Botox/dermal fillers, etc. How do I gain experience in this area?

DenimBlue in U.S.A., District of Columbia

Nursing Job

Do you know any one that is willing to hire a mature Nurse with 40 years of experience in hospital, home care, and office settings. I now am working...

Bill in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

MSN Scholarships?

Anyone have any good resources for MSN Scholarships? I am getting ready to start but could use some assistance to supplement tuition reimbursement

Rebecca Siddon in Oak Ridge, Louisiana

Do you remember what happened in the late 80's?

Nurses who have been on the job for 20 years or longer can tell you that it's about to be a "de'javu" as far as wages, layoffs, and cut hours are...

hodybody in Southlake, Texas

black box

Does anyone know anything about a company called 'black box' that keeps negative data on nurses? I talked to a nurse the other day that said there is...

Markpdavid in San Diego, California

Asking for advice for first interview from Registered Nurses. Thank You

Hello, After months of applying left and right I finally received a response for a nursing position. it is for a Flu Clinic position in which i...

charlesvijay1000@*****.*** in Kochi, India

I want a job as Nurse in middle east.

I am a graduate female nurse with 6 years experience in multi speciality hospital, in medical surgical. Any one who wants my full CV will be mailed...

jawon12 in Clewiston, Florida

Updated 118 months ago

seeking cna/hha job in ft lauderdale - 2 Replies

Iam a 62 year old i am lookingfor a liveout positiontaking care of the eldery, i have 20 yrs experience. Ihave a valid drivers license.i worked i...

priya in Bombay, India



pedsnrs in Troy, Alabama

Updated 121 months ago



Jaison in Alameda, California

Looking for nursing opinion.

Hello, I'm a junior at SW Missouri State and doing a very basic research assignment, enerally profiling medical professionals. If anyone can...

medcoder in Caldwell, New Jersey

Opportunity to earn a little extra cash

If you would like to earn a little extra spending money, consider this…We market medical coding software that any medical professional organization...

Rachel in Palmyra, Maine

Updated 124 months ago



nikkisue in Phoenix, Arizona

MDS Coordinator for Long Term Care in Phoenix, AZ

We are seeking to hire a full time MDS Coord,. for our long term care facility located in the zip code area of 85020. WE are offer above pay rate...

TxTechMan77 in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Area RN Salaries

What are the average salaries for the Dallas area? Im interested in perioperative nursing. Trying to decide between dental hygiene and nursing. Thanks

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