Cosmetic Training Program Worth it?

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victoria in New York, New York

83 months ago

I'm debating if I should take a course with Cosmetic Medical Training to learn to inject botox and dermal fillers. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it worth the money?


Mary in Rockville, Maryland

82 months ago

I've been trying to research this myself. Those 2-day and 1 week courses are so expensive, and I would imagine, if one doesn't obtain a job right away, they will lose whatever skill they may have learned. I did read some other posts and school reviews where exactly that happened, although some said they did get a job, but that was when reviewing a particular school, so it could have been a fake positive review. I also read a lot of negative reviews about how little actual hands-on practice you get. I was thinking about doing the esthetician thing just to get my foot in the door for salon/skin experience, and then help a business grow, but even the esthy programs are around $10,000, and for the state I'm moving to(TX) takes 5 months full-time and 10 months part-time...ugh! More school! And the schools get horrible reviews, almost all warn you to stay far away!! Hopefully someone will a good experience will respond!


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