RN or OTR?

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Jessica in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

45 months ago

I am a 28 year old with a BA from Ohio State. I, like many other college grads, was not able to get a job with my major.

I know that I want to work in healthcare. I only wish I'd realized this sooner! I am having a very hard time deciding between occupational therapy and nursing though.

Things about OT that I like:

-A more comfortable work environment.
-One-on-one with patients.
-No holidays or weekends, most likely.
-I could be creative with treatment.
-I love the idea of treating holistically.

Things about OT that I'm not quite sure about:

-School cost... oh my gosh! It would end up costing me 80-100k or more in loans for the tuition alone! That's not counting books and cost of living...
-Harder to get into a school. Because of my lackluster undergrad gpa, I have a smaller number of schools that I could apply to. Even though I know my grades will be much more competitive with my pre-reqs, it still wouldn't be enough and I might not get accepted anywhere.
-Continuing on that note, I have a year of pre-reqs to do for OT school. If I was to go for OT, I would have a year of classes to take before I could TRY to get into OT school.

Things about nursing I like:

-The options are so endless with nursing!!! I could remain an RN or go back to school for my BSN, MSN, NP, midwife....
-There are so may avenues I could take, even just with my RN. I could go into psych, acute care, hospice, etc.
-There is ALWAYS plenty of overtime to be had!
-So much learning! I could be a scrub nurse and learn about surgeries. How stinking cool is that?
-In 2 years I would have my RN and could work while furthering my education.

Things I don't like about nursing...

-I've only worked in a LTC facility but the nurses always seem so stressed out.
-Standing for 8-16 hours a day.
-Unpleasant patients.
-"Nurses eat their young"... as a CNA, I see the tension between the nurses and it's less than civil at times.


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