Stuck on direction to go to become a nurse

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Running1987 in Waterbury, Connecticut

44 months ago

Hi, have six year's of healthcare experience under my belt. I currently have a bachelor's degree and work as a counselor at the moment. I am working on my prerequisites for nursing.

I have a few multiple directions to go. Doing the Accelerated BSN is out too competitive, too costly, and I can't quit work to focus on school that's not in the card's right now. Especially with me getting married in a year and possibly a child in 2/3 year's with about 8 prerequisites to complete just not doable.

Considering traditional BSN route it's a year 1/2 (4 semester's) of prerequisites and 2 year's of classes (8 semester's).

The ADN route very competitive in my state right now. I can complete my prerequisites by next Spring apply for the next program, which would be in 2017. I be done by Spring of 2019.

The other option is been accepted is an LPN program which can start next Spring or Fall 2016, which would do 2016 of Fall. If I did that I be done with the program at the end of 2017.

Any advice or feedback on which program should I go for.


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