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JQuimby43 in Easton, Pennsylvania

65 months ago

I've been reading alot of everyones situations, and let me add that the PA state board could care less if you are successful at this program. I have a significant health history. I had gastric bypass which went really bad. I have been in the hospital too many times to discuss, and got addicted to Percocet and Xanax. I blame the doctors since they didn't know what to do, and after about 25 surgeries, my life has been screwed up. Currently I have a horrible ulcer. I am home on TPN, and take Tylenol #3 for pain. It floors me that that is okay as long as you have a script, but OTC Benedryl isn't. It has been a year for me, and they accused me of having a positive urine test for alcohol, I had a retest, and I am a diabetic. The urine was done 1 week after my back surgery....Yeah I was home drinking alcohol>>>>>Really. So now my time was restarted, and I had to put my license inactive for 90 days. I am so depressed, why do I even care anymore. I'm sure other people feel the same way. I've been a nurse for 23 years. Do I still want to do this?


JQuimby in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

64 months ago

I can't believe it's almost been 90 days of my no nursing position
I have so many things going thru my heart. Even though they made me start over, I feel better. I to just wanted to fly under the radar, but I was given some really good information about getting my nursing license. If anybody wants to talk let me know and ill sent you my thoughts


They used my complaint against me in Meadville, Pennsylvania

61 months ago

I believe that too I filed complaint to state board of 2 doctors treating me and their inability to handle depression as just a PCP not a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist, and the pain doctor who had lost his license in 2 other states for a narcotic addiction but was given a license to practice in PA. I was FMLA too when I filed my complaint because I knew when it finally set in that my mother was not coming back, I requested a leave and was off of work for over 2 yrs. I filed these complaints and in turn the state board flipped them around and used them against me and dismissed the complaints against the doctors in August 2013 and I received a letter late July 2013 for some of my records were never submitted however the prosecuting attorney somehow managed to find them on her desk and forwarded them to their "expert witness" who by the way saw me March 2, 2012 for about a half an hour and did no chemical screen. Now I have a hearing in Harrisburg in Feb 2014 and cannot afford an attorney. This is a shame as I am a very good nurse and never had a complaint filed against me nor ever had any type of chemical dependency except from the doctor induced dependency that I self treated being the doctors would not help. I am lost and do not know what to due as I had recently lost everything due to the need to walk away from nursing during my depression and my ex-fiance robbing me blind without me knowing. I hate to just let my license be taken away from me and I question the boards ethics being I was evaluated 3/2/2012 and never heard nothing until end of July 2013 and only saw the states so called "expert witness" for a short time without any chemical screening at visit,if the state board listens to what their expert witnesses are saying almost 2 yrs after evaluating without a full and true screen at time of appointment, how many strong nurses like myself have lost or may be facing any type of disciplinary action against their license??? It's sad and it is very scary!!


PNAP TRAP in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

59 months ago

In efforts to gather enough information about the financial, emotional and familial struss coused by th BON, VRP and PNAP please. Visit. WWW.PNAP-TRAP.COM. these stories are being sent to a representative of The house of Representatives in Harrisburg.

Pnap trap


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