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Updated 2 days ago

Are occupational therapy assistant job opportunities growing or declining? - 838 Replies

Colorado just made some major changes to it's licensure requirements for OTAs. Last year in order to apply for initial licensure or for renewal an...


Updated 8 days ago

COTA/OTR , PTA/ PTD pay in nursing home in california or Texas - 2 Replies

I’m new to GA and would like to know the rate for a home health COTA and also SNF.


Updated 11 days ago

Should I try for COTA?? - 39 Replies

continued from above: colleges. They typically are less than half what you would pay going to a for profit private college. Good luck in your career...



I plan on attending OTA school for an asscoite degree. I know by 2025 OTA will require an a bachorler degree. Does that mean I would have to go back...


Updated 28 days ago

What do you enjoy most about your occupational therapy assistant career? - 119 Replies

[QUOTE who="sle328 in Matawan, New Jersey"]As a recently new graduate, I can attest to how false your statement is. I'm straight out of school with...

Brittany Stout

question: ATTN Dallas, TX area COTAs

This question is directed towards COTA's in the Dallas, TX area My name is Brittany Stout and I am 31 years old. I plan on starting my COTA...


Updated 2 months ago

Experienced Therapy Travelors - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="Traveler"]I wouldn’t want to recruit it’s a cut throat job and very stressful. From what I hear[/QUOTE] Sir why would you think that? ...

Learning Something New Everyday

Updated 2 months ago

COTA online programs/bridge programs for full time working adults? - 56 Replies

[QUOTE who="vquidlat915@*****.*** in Los Angeles, California"]Is there another OTA online aside from st. Catherine online program? My husband is...

Learning Something New Everyday

Occupational Therapy Assistant or Surgical Technologist?

I am trying to decide which one to go for and need a little help. Both appeal to me and both are assistants, I have did tons of research on both but...


Transferring Schools

Does anyone know of schools that will allow you to transfer into their Occupational Therapy Assistant program? I withdrew from the school I was...


Transferring Schools

Does anyone know of schools that will allow you to transfer into their Occupational Therapy Assistant program? I withdrew from the school I was...


Updated 3 months ago

Effects of PDPM on workforce, is home health a good option? - 3 Replies

I was a COTA for 4 years before I thew in the towel and went back to college. PDPM will limit the amount of therapy a patient gets in SNF and they...


Updated 3 months ago

Getting back into the OT field - 1 Reply

COTA jobs will be going away after October 1, 2019 due to PDPM so why would you want to get back into OT? Nursing is still your best bet as more jobs...


Updated 3 months ago

CNA vs COTA - 24 Replies

Hi, I am thinking about going for OTA. I am done my A&P and others classes for nursing prerequisite but I think I will be able to handle RN other...

Rhonda OTA

Updated 4 months ago

what review books did you use for NBCOT exam? - 30 Replies

[QUOTE who="dadlynn in Tampa, Florida"]Anyone used otstudyguide.com materials for OTR? Is it worth it?[/QUOTE] Yes, it's pretty good. They just...

SoccerGirl94 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

COTA school dismissal

I was dismissed from COTA school recently. I have completed all of my coursework and have FW placements remaining. Is there a possibility I could...

cori in Cypress, California

Updated 5 months ago

OTA Schooling, Where? - 104 Replies

Im trying to find a school to go to for Occupational Therapy Assistant and I keep hitting a dead end. I need it in the Denver area or online...

AuthorNCOTA in Fort Washington, Maryland

Updated 5 months ago

Salaries on the upper-right look kind of high. - 306 Replies

Hi: I've been looking at different websites and the OOH for information about COTA salaries. The numbers on the forum look more like OT salaries...

Jolie in Little Silver, New Jersey

Updated 5 months ago

Eastwick college ota program - 54 Replies

I just started eastwick college ota program. Seems great so far but the program is I'm developing stage. I've been told it will almost certainly get...

Rhonda OTA in Dallas, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

Can't pass the NBCOT exam! HELP PLEASE - 6 Replies

I graduated in 2015 and was working with my limited permit in ny for some time. I been trying to pass this exam and took it 2 times but still no...

Kay in Crosby, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

can't decide between COTA or RN - 4 Replies

Hi there, I can't seem to decide between becoming and RN or OTA. I was a massage therapist for many years but burnt out from it. I think...


Updated 7 months ago

OTA or Nursing - 19 Replies

I am finishing my Bachelors this summer and have been struggling with becoming a nurse or occupational therapy assistant. Previously, I attempted...

Chauchau in Easton, Pennsylvania

Updated 8 months ago

Grossmont College OTA (COTA) program 2017 - 2 Replies

I am working towards the Grossmont College OTA program and will be done with my Pre-reqs by summer 2018, i was wondering if anyone has attempted to...

Karen in Manahawkin, New Jersey

Updated 8 months ago

OTA or PTA? - 9 Replies

Down here the local CC does not have and OTA or PTA program...it's only at Pima Medical Institute or Brown Mackie. Both are incredibly expensive....

Kayla in Crosby, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

All I can think to say is "WOW" - 16 Replies

I was set on a career as an OTA. I knew what school I'd be attending, funding was set and I had my classes lined up. That is, until I read this...

Lorna in Westfield, Massachusetts

Updated 9 months ago

Advice from current COTAs (Occupational Therapy Assistants) - 6 Replies

Anyone in Tennessee that can comment on the job outlook? Are there full time jobs available, or is it only PRN work? I really need a career that...

meg1995 in Pensacola, Florida

community vs private OTA program

Hi I'm currently looking into OTA schools and am curious which route is best. I have the option of a community college OTA program or an "actual"...

Davey in Austin, Texas

Updated 11 months ago

Cota jobs - 1 Reply

Daughter graduated top of her class, it has almost been tw years and she still has not found a cota job. Anyone out there hiring? We live in fla and...

jlat in Bergenfield, New Jersey

Updated 11 months ago

Is this a good plan to become an OTA? - 3 Replies

Hi everyone. Alright, I'm fresh out of high school and I've decided to become an OTA as I believe it'll be a great job for me. I was originally...

dmarsh1215 in Tyler, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Any grads/students of COTA at Navarro College in Corsicana, TX? - 5 Replies

Any thoughts on the program? Level of difficulty? Are most students able to work and attend the program simultaneously? Suggestions on how...

RatLover007 in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 12 months ago

Interview a OTA - 1 Reply

Hello my name is Rebecca Smith and I am doing a school report on careers and I would like to become an OTA.(I am going to be applying for the OTA...

JonJon OTAL in Arizona

Updated 13 months ago

Outlook for COTA to be lymphatic certified - 3 Replies

I have been a COTA for 2 years and relocated to Bay Area for work last year. I've been lucky enough to get a FT job at a SNF. Great. However, when I...

Jmumley in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Saturation of COTA positions

What are your thoughts on the position of COTA being saturated? With a COTA degree, what other roles in healthcare an a COTA fill?

JonJon OTAL in Arizona

Updated 15 months ago

salaries in gig harbor - 1 Reply

I can tell you without any doubt, the salaries posted on this board for COTAs in Gig Harbor are absolutely over inflated. SNFs pay more. There are...

Davey in Austin, Texas

Updated 15 months ago

Yeah! I'll be starting the program this fall! Does anyone have info... - 81 Replies

info(real-life)starting salary info for california? I also have a bachelors in journalism. I don't know what they base starting salaries on. Any...

lalabski in Wilmington, Delaware

Can I interview a current COTA on this?

Hello all! I am currently an OT student and need to interview a COTA through an online platform for a class to discuss the roles of an OT vs. an...

APortillo in North Las Vegas, Nevada

COTA questions-Pima Medical Institute & Pay in Las Vegas

I have a couple of questions. I would like some feedback from anyone who has attended & graduated from Pima Medical Institute for COTA? Pima here in...

Davey in Austin, Texas

Updated 17 months ago

Keiser University - 42 Replies

I'm thinking of attending Keiser University for their OTA program, but I have not heard very good things about it. I hear that many companies don't...

Carly in Denver, Colorado

Updated 18 months ago

COTAs in Hand Therapy - 2 Replies

Hello everyone, My name is Carly and I am currently an OTA student in Denver, CO. I am about to finish classes and start with my first clinical...

Joanmarie in Landenberg, Pennsylvania

COTA jobs in Oregon

I am relocating from Pennsylvania to Oregon,(Portland area) to be closer to family. I currently work as a school based COTA and was hoping to find a...

alicia in Stockton, California

Updated 19 months ago

AA...what BA - 1 Reply

Since there are no online schools for a BA in OT how can people with an A.A. in OT get there BA? Without having to go to school for an extra year?...

alicia in Stockton, California

COTA Degree's, AS/BS + from where? OTR/L Degree's + from where?

Few parts to this forum: 1) Does anyone know of any bachelor programs for Occupational Therapy Assisting in Northern Cali or anywhere? It seems like...

Just me in Easley, South Carolina

Updated 20 months ago

Occupational Therapy Assistant or Medical Laboratory Technician? - 4 Replies

Hi there, Thank you for this great board - it's very interesting and helpful to see what those with experience have to say about the real world. I...

Yr2change in Los Angeles, California

Occupational Therapy Assistant as a midlife career change

I'm thinking of going for an OTA degree. This will be a mid life career change. It seems like this would be a rewarding, creative job that pays well...

PreferredHS in San Diego, California

Updated 21 months ago

Finding an entry level job as a COTA - 1 Reply

I live in an area saturated with OTA program graduates. It is almost impossible to find an entry level COTA position unless you do prn work. I am...

Jmr in Flushing, New York

Cota bridge program

Does anyone know of any bridge programs that are not held on Saturday. Preferably a Sunday program or an online program. Any help would be greatly...

DDAY in Newark, Delaware

Looking for Cota NBCOT exam prep books/material

Hello, Does anyone have the official Cota NBCOT exam book they are not using anymore??

bstout11 in Lake Forest, California


Hello, I was interested in finding out if anyone is a COTA in CA that has graduated from a program, has received all the required licenses and...

Khang in Annandale, Virginia

Updated 25 months ago

Becoming an OTA - 1 Reply

This may be a long shot, but I am a new OTA student and am trying to learn a bit more about this field from real people. Additionally, I have an...

Khang in Annandale, Virginia

Updated 25 months ago

COTA salary in Las Vegas - 1 Reply

I live in Wisconsin and the pay for COTAs is pretty low compared to the national average. The BLS and another site have reported that COTAs in Las...

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