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california1234 in Parkville, Maryland

Updated 14 months ago

Top ophthalmic technician skills needed to get the job. - 6 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every ophthalmic technician must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your ophthalmic...

Stephers in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 33 months ago

What are typical ophthalmic technician salaries? - 146 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

Kenneth Nieves in Bronx, New York

Updated 35 months ago

switching from optometric tech to ophthalmic tech - 1 Reply

Hello, I have been interested in getting an entry level positions as an opthalmic assistant and working my up to certified ophthalmic tech. I am...

kelly in Cumbola, Pennsylvania

optician vs ophthalmic assistant

Can anyone offer any recommendations? I have been trying to get my foot in the door of an eye dr's for awhile now so that I can work my way up to...

trixie in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania

How to get into this field

I have always thought that this would be such a nice job. However, there aren't any schools specifically for this that I can find, at least none...

nm81 in House Springs, Missouri

COA test

I recently took my COA certification test. It stated that I passed. I am waiting on my official notification from JCAHPO. Any way that they could...

emmaj in New Orleans, Louisiana

Need advice....Can you do this job without binocular vision? Please be honest.

Hello, I am considering a career as an ophthalmic assistant. I have some concerns that I need honest feedback on so I can decide is this field...

Techeye in Flushing, New York

COT skill exam

Did anyone recently pass skill evaluation exam?Has anyone bought the CD JCAHPO has in their library?If so..did it help?

Techeye in Flushing, New York

Updated 82 months ago

COA exam - 2 Replies

Does anyone know the pass/fail rate for the COA exam? Just curious on the statistics.

mike in Reading, United Kingdom

Updated 84 months ago

I'm an Orthoptist from Portugal - How can I become an Ophthalmic Technician? - 1 Reply

I recently found out about the Ophthalmic Technician career and I am very interested in it. In Portugal that career option doesn't exist, the tasks...


Updated 85 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your ophthalmic technician career? - 2 Replies

What do you enjoy most about being an ophthalmic technician? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to...

Courtney in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 85 months ago

Want to Pursue this career but... - 4 Replies

I SUCK at math! Always have! I can't understand or remember the formulas for the life of me! If anyone has any suggestions like products (books,...

KNB1 in Apex, North Carolina

Likelihood of acceptance into top program

I'm very interested in applying to an Ophthalmic Technician certificate program that is given by a top ranked facility. I have scoured the internet...

Tammy in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Updated 91 months ago

What are the best ophthalmic technician qualifications and training to get ahead? - 2 Replies

What is the best training for becoming an ophthalmic technician? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective...

joann S in Millersburg, Ohio

Updated 92 months ago

Eye tech jobs - 10 Replies

A great place to look for jobs is Localeyesite.com

phillip in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 95 months ago

Productivity - 1 Reply

Does anyone have stats or info regarding the average patients per hour for a full day that are seen by a certified assistant or tech? I am...

Catadaki in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 102 months ago

coa certification - 3 Replies

I recently took the test and failed. I studied the home study cource thinking it was enough. There were so many questions on the test that were not...


Updated 103 months ago

Opthalmic tech information - 3 Replies

I am thinking about changing careers and become an Opthalmic Technician. I would like to know the pros and cons of entering this field, salary range,...

Alice in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 118 months ago

How do I get back into the field? - 2 Replies

I have been away from Ophthalmology for 10 yrs after deciding to become a "stay at home Mom". I am now trying to get back in...before this I had 10...

charisse toale in Orlando, Florida

Updated 118 months ago

Are ophthalmic technician job opportunities growing or declining? - 1 Reply

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most ophthalmic...

charisse toale in Orlando, Florida

Updated 118 months ago

Getting an ophthalmic technician job. - 3 Replies

How did you get your start doing ophthalmic technician work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

Leilani in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ophtalmic Technician degree at Pima Medical Institute

Hi! I'm considering pursuing this degree at PMI in Denver. Are there currently any students attending this class or graduated with this degree? How...

speacy in Barcelona, Spain

Updated 120 months ago

Ophthalmic Technician - 1 Reply

Ophthalmic Technician in govt. job.Iwant new in this.

glo in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 126 months ago

Ophthalmic/Optometric Technician Job Opportunities - 1 Reply

Where are most techs looking for job opportunities? Do you look in the newspaper first, word of mouth, or traditional job boards online? Do you...

Alda in Texas

Glaucoma Nurse Specialist - Opening in Saudi

Leading Hospital in Saudi requires Glaucoma Nurse Specialist in the Department of OPC RNs. Excellent Salary with following benefits. Interested...

Alda in Texas

Consultant Ophthalmologist - Opening in Saudi

Leading Hospital in Saudi requires Consultant Ophthalmologist as below •Senior Consultant •Neuro-Ophthalmologist •Ocular Pathologist Excellent...

Jo Horton in Dallas, Texas

Updated 139 months ago

Tips for ophthalmic technician interviews. - 2 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming ophthalmic technician interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and...

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