Likelihood of acceptance into top program

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KNB1 in Apex, North Carolina

77 months ago

I'm very interested in applying to an Ophthalmic Technician certificate program that is given by a top ranked facility. I have scoured the internet for information pertaining to accceptance (approximate figures on how many apply and actually get in) as well as testimonials from former students. I'm also trying to figure out if they're trying to ramp up their application quota or draw in more applicants because I've seen ads for the program in the local job finder ad. What I've found is very limited; basically the only thing I can find is what's offered on the website. The basic requirement is to have a HS diploma/GED with preference given to those with college/scientific backgrounds or work experience in the realm of Optometry. They don't have a minimum GPA requirement, but this school is very selective. I've tried to get a feel as to what other schools requirements are even though I know rules change by institution. It gets even trickier when they have slight name differences or have an entirely different altogether. I have a HORRIBLE academic background and this is what is holding me back from applying. School has always been my downfall and I was the student that was always told I wasn't living up to my full potential. Despite how I look on paper I know that I'm smart and capapble of doing the work. I'm more of a hands-on learner and feel that programs like these were tailor-made for people like me. I know that I would be able to write a pretty good admission essay along with stellar recommendations to build my attractiveness as an applicant, but I'm worried that my previous grades are going to overshadow everything else. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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