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Worried Bear in New Port Richey, Florida

71 months ago


Three years ago I graduated with B.A. from a local university. Of course, the job market isn't what it used to be and having a B.A. in a social science doesn't really land you decent employment. I was looking to get into information technology work and from what I hearing web development (if you do it right) might be a good track. My plan was to get an Associate In Applied Science In Web Programming from a local community college (focus on back end: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL etc.), learn as well as earn Adobe certifications so I can do front end, perform internships as well a develop my own stuff and then move onto my old University that offers a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology.

The only issues are that that I only really know basic HTML at this point and that I do have a misdemeanor DUI (first time, last time offense, no injuries etc.) on my record. Obviously, the first one can be easily rectified once I have put more time in learning it. I want to make sure this a good path to go on before I invest time and money. The second might hold me back but I do not know. The good news is that I have no debt whatsoever, paid off all my credit cards, have a 750+ credit score and have not been unemployed since 2008.

What should I know before going into this? Am I going to have a tough time finding decent paying full time job out of this? I am worried because I do not know how the job market is going to tilt in three years time. I want to make sure I am going down the absolute right path so I am spending more time learning than worrying. If you have any suggestions or advised, please let me know and thank you!


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