ex military nurses and the paramedic occupation

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anthony vigliotta in Naperville, Illinois

121 months ago

does anyone who was in the USAF see how that experience can apply to employment as a paramedic ?


Daryl in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

117 months ago

First, Anthony, let me say THANK YOU for your service to this country!

While I did not serve in the USAF, I am a licensed Instructor/Coordinator in the State of Michigan. This topic has been discussed for quite some time, and the biggest hurdle in the past was getting the services to give the state the information on EXACTLY what you were taught in the military so we can give proper credit for that knowledge base. I have been out of the loop in where that all came down, especially since we went to the National Registry for the testing for the licensing that is necessary.

I am sure that you have a lot of the necessary knowledge, but there are some obvious differences between military and civilian emergencies (especially if you think of the majority of calls we do in civilian EMS as "emergencies!") as well as legal differences and necessary administrative items and such that would also need to be addressed.

Unfortunately, I believe that my best advice is that if you are interested in the field of EMS that your previous training will make the necessary civilian training much easier and less stressful for you!

I also have been a director of an EMS service and am a current volunteer Fire department Chief, so I would add the respect and work ethic you should have acquired should do well for your future success in whatever field of work you choose!


scottmcclintock in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

116 months ago

anthony vigliotta in Naperville, Illinois said: does anyone who was in the USAF see how that experience can apply to employment as a paramedic ?

I was a medic in the USAF. I was an EMT-I in Michigan prior to going into the military. I was "given" the job of Medic in the Air Force. After going through the Nat. Registry class that the USAF made me go through (kind of a downgrade to the EMT-B), I was not allowed to challenge the NREMT-I test. After I got out and went back to MI, I could not find work, so I moved to Missouri. When I got here the state practically laughed at me. I had to take a "refresher" course to the EMT-B level. I eventually went on to get my Paramedic license. Your training in the USAF will only help you if they are still getting you Nat. Registered, and only if the state you are in will accept the Nat. Registry, otherwise you are just about as good as "Joe Blow" off the street. Sorry.


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