What is Gadolinium?

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chenhongxia in Hangzhou, Cuba

120 months ago

What is [url=www.lookchem.com/cas-233/23315-89-1.html]Gadolinium[/url]
? This is an FDA approved contrast agent for MRI. Gadolinium, or gadodiamide, provides greater contrast between normal tissue and abnormal tissue in the brain and body. Gadolinium looks clear like water and is non-radioactive. After it is injected into a vein, Gadolinium accumulates in the abnormal tissue that may be affecting the body or head. Gadolinium causes these abnormal areas to become very bright (enhanced) on the MRI. This makes it very easy to see. [url=www.lookchem.com/cas-233/23315-89-1.html]Gadolinium [/url] is then rapidly cleared from the body by the kidneys.
Gadolinium allows the MRI to define abnormal tissue with greater clarity than ever before. Tumors enhance after Gadolinium is given. The exact size of the tumor and location are very important in treatment planning and follow up. Gadolinium is also helpful in finding small tumors by making them bright and easy to see.
Gadolinium has been used for years in adults and children in the United States, Europe and Japan, without any serious complications in thousands of patients. The FDA declared Gadolinium safe for use in MRI in 1988. A few side effects, such as mild headache, nausea and local burning can occur. Very rarely (less than one in a thousand), patients are allergic to Gadolinium. If you have kidney problems, it must be used with caution. Gadolinium should be used in pregnant patients or nursing mothers only when the benefits outweigh the risk. Gadolinium used in MRI is many times safer than the iodine type contrast used in CT scans.


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