Is long-term relief work detrimental to the development of a young pharmacist?

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glache in Australia

64 months ago

I've been working as a relief pharmacist since registration, so a total of 18 months. Mainly in hospital, but with some retail chucked in. It was only meant to be a temporary measure, and then when I realised that I enjoyed it, and that it was one of the only few ways to get work in this crowded market (in Oz). I said I'd give it 2 years. So here I am, with 6 months to go. I also received some advice at the end of Oct that a permanent job in a large hospital is the way to go, because I would get to see some weird and wonderful cases (I've only ever worked in small hospitals) and, more importantly, because the structured nature of a large workplace like that would be good (apparently I had developed bad habits as a locum who was forced to do anything and everything to get the job done, and therefore had a weak foundation).

The problem is, I still haven't gotten the travel bug out of my system. In fact, the more I travel, the worse it becomes. It doesn't help that the above advice was given by one director of pharmacy. Another director of pharmacy has done extensive travelling and says she loves what I do (but she might be biased because of that). The other thing is, a permanent job has opened up in a hospital I locumed at, which I really liked, but it's small (200 beds).

So I guess I'm trying to decide:

a) How viable is long-term locuming? How detrimental (or beneficial) will it be to my development as a young pharmacist? If settling is a better option, go to b)
b) A large hospital which I may not like, or a small hospital which I know I like (the small hospital is also 3 hours from the city I want to call home, which is practically next door given it's Oz)

Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

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