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Updated 22 hours ago

for people who took the ExCPT - 8 Replies

I just found out Walgreens doesn't recognize the Excpt certification. I have been there 3 months and just found out. I am very disappointed. Wish I...


Updated 3 days ago

Working in more than one Pharmacy - 2 Replies

How about if you working a Pharmacy call center and long term care pharmacy like Omnicare


Updated 10 days ago

250 mg equals 5 mL how Many milliliters for 100 mg - 3 Replies

Fifty milligrams equal one milliliter. One hundred milligrams equal two milliliters.


Updated 11 days ago


[QUOTE who="kalila in Stanton, California"]im currently enrolled in a pharmacy tech program that is completely free here in orange county, ca. i am 2...


Updated 18 days ago

The *ONE* thing they can't teach you in Pharmacy Tech school... - 13 Replies

It will be great job could you tell me what name of this website my email is


Updated 18 days ago

"Why becoming a certified pharmacy technician is not worth your time" - 241 Replies

FYI - my daughter is a pharm. tech and started with CVS at 10.40 to start, after 90 days got 11.00. After one year is now making 13.30 hour. She...


Non-compete in Missouri

Does anyone know if you can work part-time for Walmart and Walgreens as a pharmacy technician concurrently? Or if either company has a non-compete...


Updated 24 days ago

"PTCB test is easy to pass once you have the right book" - 1674 Replies

Can someone help me with study material for the PTCB exam, I am taking the exam soon.

Lizziemccray in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Updated 1 month ago

Certified Technician Test Exam - 43 Replies

To anyone who has already taken this exam by way of computer. It is to my understanding that all questions are presented at ramdom. No two test are...


Updated 1 month ago

Walmart* Pharmacy Technicians Gather Here - 38 Replies

If you work as a pharmacy technician for Walmart*, come to this discussion and let's see if we can put our heads together to make our work experience...

Pearsontaylor33 in Dahlonega, Georgia

Updated 1 month ago

Register with Florida - 31 Replies

Hi I just passed the PTCB exam and I was wondering what to do next. I read on the forums here to register with my state (FL). Where do I go to...

Manishaben in Illinois

Expired my pharmacy technician license last year so how I get renewal

Can you send me email please


Updated 1 month ago

pharmacy technician salary - 1272 Replies

I just saw the graph for pharmacy technician salaries posted on this site. Pharm tech's making 30k+/yr??? Is this true? I'm a certified pharm tech at...

glw1957 in Royal Oak, Michigan

Updated 2 months ago


I need help with some math calculations, i think the percentages and ratios throw me off. Can you please help me set-up the problem or tell me which...

Kristina777 in Richmond Hill, Georgia

Updated 2 months ago

Question regarding to PTCB exam - 101 Replies

Hello I wish to take the PTCB exam soon, and was going to register via the internet but one of the rule they have is "I acknowledge that I will not...

Myzua in Stockton, California

Updated 3 months ago

How Do You Renew an Expired Pharm Tech License?? - 32 Replies

I am an Illinois resident, and I did not renew my pharmacy technician license this year because I could not find a job as a pharm tech, and my...

Mutt_Wilcox in New York

Need help with Dosage Calculation

My brain is not working today. Here is the problem..... 14g of Powder mixed with 23ml of water for FULL DOSE How much powder for a 1ml dose??

Boogie's Mom in Bronx, New York

Updated 3 months ago

Not Sure How to Prepare for the PTCE, or What Books to Use? Read This! ^_^ - 16 Replies

Hello everyone. I have seen many people on here who are unsure about how to prepare for the PTCE or what books they should use. I hope my posts helps...

Shahrzad in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Updated 3 months ago

PTCB EXAM RESULTS...along with a question - 1149 Replies

I took the test on aug. 27th which was the first day of the testing window. It took up until 30 minutes ago [midnight] to get my results [I PASSED...

Theodora in Dunlap, Tennessee

Updated 3 months ago

Isn't there ANYONE who likes being a Pharmacy Technician? - 19 Replies

To answer my own quesetion, I do. I got into the field through Wal-Mart in November 2007. Guess what? I had NO EXPERIENCE. None. Nada. Zip....

Black denim vanity in Gallatin, Tennessee

Updated 3 months ago

Nuclear Pharmacy Technician - 87 Replies

Does anyone know the payscale for this field? I am assuming it pays more since it requires extra training. I have seen pharmacy tech openings for...

Mia in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 3 months ago

GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!!!!!!!! - 29 Replies

Even some retail pharmacies are requiring people to have experience in the field! How are we suppose to get experience if no one will give it to us!?...

Violet in Woodland Hills, California

Updated 3 months ago


Hi, I live in California, and I was wondering if it was a requirement to go to school and take classes and get a degree like aa for pharmacy tech....

Saynotoretail in San Francisco, California

Updated 4 months ago

Best places to work for? - 229 Replies

I am taking the certification test on December 13th. I was just wondering where the best places to work at are? I work at walgreens as of now(not in...

pharmtech in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago

A pill-counting app! - 1 Reply

Hello Pharmacy Technicians! I would like to introduce a pill-counting app for those of you who may be working as pharmacy technicians or studying...

Lizzy in Halethorpe, Maryland

Updated 4 months ago

CPhT- Frustrated and Disappointed!!! - 47 Replies

Is it just me or does it seem like a total waste of time and energy to obtain a CPhT? I enrolled in a vocational school in May of 2012, spent seven...

SYH419 in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Updated 4 months ago

I'm a new tech at Walmart pharmacy, i'm still confused on using the Connexus system such as billing problems and insurance info - 328 Replies

What are the steps to solve billing problems such as INCORRECT NDC NUMBER, REFILL TOO SOON, etc. or anything else would be helpful? thanks for the...

daisyesca9 in Austin, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Can I just learn the top 200 drugs for PTCB exam? - 87 Replies

I am preparing for PTCB exam, and I find it is very difficult to memorize all the drugs from the book. It is like 70 drugs for every chapter, and...

Cpht lifer in Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

I hate my new pharmacy tech job! How can I cope with it since I cant afford to quit? - 37 Replies

I really hate it...its high stress and during my lunch break I sat in my car and cried that's how overwhelmed I get with the job...Its...

Jen BN in Watertown, Massachusetts

Funniest/quirkiest/oddest customers and co-workers?

I'm a writer living outside of Boston and the main characters in the novel that I'm working on are all pharmacy technicians. Soooo... I'd like to ask...

Grind don't stop in Houston, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Dumb - 2 Replies

I volunteered as a trainee while doing construction at any pharmacy I could and when j was ready I took the test and passed I then went to bypass to...

Future Certified Pharmacy Tech in Lawton, Oklahoma

Updated 4 months ago

becoming a pharmacist technician PLEASE HELP! - 202 Replies

I am interested in becoming a pharmacist technician.I was told you have to good at math and science? is that true? and could somebody tell me what I...

Zakeeia in Oakland, California

Updated 5 months ago

Pharmacy Technician books!! All the textbooks you need to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician!!! - 2 Replies

My wife enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program at a local college, but because of family issues we had to relocate about 3 weeks after. The...

kah1675 in Annapolis, Maryland

Updated 5 months ago

"Why you don't want to start off your pharmacy technican experience at CVS/Pharmacy" - 94 Replies

Personally, I have never read a post regarding working at CVS/Pharmacy as a positive experience. In my opinion the majority of pharmacy technicians...

Dang cohen in Bronx, New York

Updated 5 months ago

Did you take your PTCE Exam? Please come here and help others.... - 943 Replies

Greetings, If you taken your PTCE Exam, it would be of great help to everyone to know what you seen (if you can remember) on your exam. If you...

Gar Lin in garden grove, California

Updated 5 months ago

Separate yourself from the rest trust me it works - 6 Replies

I notice lots of new pharmacy technicians aren’t learning what it takes to get ahead in the ever changing world of pharmacy. Me previously spending...

Mirna in Ontario, California

Updated 5 months ago

Rite Aid Pharmacy Tech and what is the deal with breaks? - 10 Replies

I just spent 2 years in college, graduated with my Pharmacy Tech training. Then went in June of and took my boards, passed them. I got hired in at...

Mia in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 5 months ago

"Volunteer for 2 years to get experience as a pharmacy technician at a local hospital" - 10 Replies

Nobody wants to work for "Free". However, because most of the employers who advertise for open pharmacy technician positions have this as a...

jay in Austin, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

I've been scammed :( - 9 Replies

I enrolled in a online program to become a Pharmacy Tech a month ago. I spent $350 abd still have not received my study materials. I have called and... in Oakland, California

Updated 6 months ago

Help with becoming a nationally certified pharmacy technician? - 8 Replies

Hello, this is my first time posting on this website. I've been researching for the past few days on the best route to take in order to become a...

Iyyi in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 6 months ago

Requirements for PTCB for Foreign Pharmacists. - 3 Replies

Hello. Could somebody help me in complying the requirements for PTCB. Im a registered Pharmacist in the Philippines and realky confused about the...

Budrick in San Francisco, California

Updated 6 months ago

"Rethink the Pharmacy Technican Career Path" - 52 Replies

This post is to take a serious look at the field of a pharmacy technician. High Stress/Low Pay = not worth it This field is not worth it: 1....

Confused in Leicester, Massachusetts

Pharmacy Technician In Training Application

I filled out the Massachusetts Phar act Technician in Training Application, but I don't know what to do from here? Did I miss something on it telling...


Updated 6 months ago

need vaccinations in hospital and retail? - 3 Replies

Sorry, I'm new here and this post showed up on some unrelated thread. I found how to start a new one. Do all pharmacy tech's working in a HOSPITAL...

farah in Tracy, California

Updated 7 months ago

what kind of questions appear in PTCB? - 22 Replies

hello. ill be taking the exam couple of months from now. just wanna know what kind of questions usually appear in the exam? so many topics in the...

Rxgirl in Victorville, California

Updated 7 months ago

have anyone taken the pharmacy technician class from the ROP?? - 83 Replies

if anyone has taken the pharmacy technician class from the ROP or Grossmont Adult School pls let me know if the program is any good. thx.

Julian Paul in East Wenatchee, Washington

Updated 7 months ago

Taking the pharm tech test - 833 Replies

How difficult is the test? I am about to complete my first year in college, majoring in biology. Would it be possible to study some books and not...

TheBlur247 in Placentia, California

I need help on a math problem!

I need help on a math question for homework. I need to calculate how many milliliters of the drug is needed to prepare the order. Gentamicin 300...

Lulu in Deer Park, New York

Updated 7 months ago

the worse place to work as a Pharmacy Technician - 491 Replies

CVS hands down!!!! -the pay sucks -understaffed -no breaks -no lunches

AtExit8 in City, New Jersey

Updated 7 months ago

How do I figure how to get grams from miligrams - 1 Reply

How do u get grams from milligrams

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