CVS Vs. Walgreen Pharmacy Technician - Need Advice Fast!

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lin013190 in Chino, California

70 months ago


So the past month I've been dropping off my resumes at both CVS and Walgreens. I got interviewed at CVS a little over 2 weeks ago and they said they would let me know in about 10 days from my interview date, it's 10 days after and still no offer.

This past Monday 9/10 I was offered an interview for Walgreens for today (which I completed earlier).

The next day, Tuesday (9/11) I was offered a part time position at CVS, with training starting this Monday

So after today's interview at Walgreens, I felt like it went well. They said they would let me know by next monday or tuesday. (By then, I would have completed 2 CVS Training days).

So I was planning to go to the 2 CVS trainings this Saturday and Monday. Then wait for offer on Monday/Tuesday and see what happens..

CVS is offering me part time maybe 30ish hrs.

Walgreens said they might be able to do full time for me.

So basically I was wondering if
Is it unethical to go back on CVS's offer even after I accepted it?


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