NPTA Compounding Certification feedback

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Meds in Seaside, California

57 months ago

Hello All,

Does anybody here had gone through the NPTA Compounding program? Please share your experience. thank you.

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michaeljfairfax in Burke, Virginia

47 months ago

Deafening silence on this thread does not speak well for the NPTA school in Houston. Has anyone attending the compounding, IV, and/or chemo programs there?
{shout out to Meds in Seaside -- still recall first hang glider training there!}

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k8m in South San Francisco, California

45 months ago

I am currently taking their 3 certification classes. I haven't gone through the training itself in their lab. But if I can go back in time, I would not sign up for these classes and pay ridiculous amount of money for a very less than mediocre service. Their website is a freaking mess (npta institute)and it seems their supposedly online instructor is just for "formality sake" I sent him a couple of questions more than a week now still did not get a reply. Their text books has a lot of typo. It is hard to get a hold of someone when you call the 1-888- number!

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