Not perky enough for CVS standards (pharmacy techs)

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xmauixwowix in Middletown, Maryland

49 months ago

I started as a pharmacy tech trainee with CVS back in January. I am not certified and have no experience. Its getting to the point were I can't take it anymore. No one has bothered to train me, you might as well just say I am just a cashier and their personal kicking boy. Its like every time I ask for help no one can be bothered to help me.

To top it all off I get complaints that I am not being "outgoing" enough. I greet every customer, ask for their card, and thank them. If a problem comes up I try to help them the best I can and yet it's not good enough. I am sorry that I have to assist a customer at drive through and run over to help at pick up b/c non of the other techs can be bothered go to the registers. If there's a line of 5 or more people. I am not going to be able to have some bs convo with each customer. I am the only tech there who wasnt been in a verbal altercation with a customer and I have never been rude to anyone. Yet they can get away with it. Like a tech was told to help a customer at pickup. I was busy waiting for them to alter a prescription for a customer I was helping at drive through. And he flat out said no I am going to lunch and then preceed to walk out. The customer even overheard the whole thing. So, I had to check them out and then go back to my other custmer. How is that acceptable? But me being too softspoken the customers complain about. Has anyone else had this promblem working for CVS?

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