How good is Mission College's Pharmacy Technician program in Santa Clara, California?

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Dimadi in San Jose, California

109 months ago

Anybody know anything about this program?



patiently_waiting in San Francisco, California

77 months ago

You learn a lot, but then can't get a job for a while because the pharmacy license is quite a process. You are on your own when it comes to finding a job, and there are not a lot of jobs available.


babs in Palo Alto, California

72 months ago

I would recommend not wasting your time or money on this program. They provide no job placement, only for a few of students (star students). The put you in a "intern ship" where you're treated like a slave/free labor for the employer. I would recommend getting hired into a drug store atmosphere first, working as clerk/cashier in the pharmacy and once you secure that position, getting your technician training/certificate etc. These schools are like any other business, their goal is to make money. It's not like there are a ton of pharmacy tech jobs available or pharmacies are going to recruit just for going to Mission College. Frankly, it is sort of misleading on the part of these schools. Another red flag to look at, they don't really give you any statistics on their former graduates and if they are currently working in the field.


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