retail vs. long term care vs. hospital

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FedUp in Columbus, Ohio

75 months ago

I am currently working in a long term care pharmacy. I am looking for a new experience, and would like to go into a hospital setting. I've heard alot about how retail pharmacies aren't worth it, to just stay where I am, but I really need an opportunity for advancement, and a larger pay scale. My hourly wage is on the lower end of the pay scale, and just not cutting it anymore. Any advice? Thanks....

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Don't DO it in Cheshire, Connecticut

12 months ago

I'm currently in retail and I can tell you that it is 100% not worth it. They give you the spiel of how you can move up and all that but it takes years and if you show any kind of weakness, they'll consider someone else. Retail pharmacy is becoming more and more about business and not about patient care. They're cutting hours and focusing more on asinine metrics under the guise that it's for the good of the customers but it's really about their bottom line. I walk into work stressed out and come out even more stressed out. Don't do it!

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