Would you want to increase your salary as a staff Physical Therapist.

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RehabReliefllc in Pomona, California

63 months ago

Being a private practice owner for over 10 years I am aware that there are numerous consultants for the business owner however I haven't come across one for the staff physical therapist. There are things, you as a staff physical therapist, can do to position yourself for a raise. Over the years of being in practice, I have been willing to sit down at any time with any employee to discuss WIN WIN possibilities. By WIN WIN I mean you as the employee bring more revenue to the clinic and you in turn get rewarded monetarily. Five things you can do to begin to get in that mindset and set yourself apart from the other employees.

1. Be a problem solver. I have been involved in many staff meetings where the basis of the meeting is one complaint after another. You can be an employee who stands out by bringing an issue to the table along with 2-3 possible solutions to that issue.

2. Educate yourself on your clinic's competition. How many competitors? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? How can you capitalize on them? Can you collaborate with them?

3. Educate yourself on the business side of Physical Therapy.
a. Make it about helping your employer. Tell them you want to learn to help make them more money, in turn self funding your own raise.
b. Understand all of the expenses of the clinic. (Is there money available to fund your raise?)

4. Learn about Marketing.
a. Bring ideas to your clinic owner on ways to bring more patients in the door.
b. Bring a written plan and estimated cost of implementing those ideas as well as a rough estimate on ROI (return on investment or roughly how many more clients this will bring in the door)

5. Bring ideas of new referral sources to your employer. Has your clinic tapped into all possible referral sources. (local home health agencies, local inpatient rehab facilities, local personal trainers, local golf pros, Dentists, Nurses, High School coaches etc


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