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Updated 1 hour ago

PTA Laws & Regs Jurisprudence Exam for Florida - 769 Replies

[QUOTE who="Klb777 in Manchester, New Hampshire"]So frustrating taking this test over and over. What part of Florida are you Job hunting? Do you...

Caitlin h

Updated 4 days ago

Advice about preparing for the board exam - 227 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jerseygirl in Monroe Township, New Jersey"][/QUOTE] Hey jersey girl, I take my test in alittle over a month. Would u mind sending me...


Updated 5 days ago

California law exam concerns - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="here and now in California"]Claudia, I found the test to be very straight forward and simple enough if you read the packet which the...


Updated 6 days ago

How much should a New Grad PTA in Illinois make? - 1 Reply

In Illinois, the average salary of a full-time PTA is right around $51,000 or ~$24-25 per hour. $21 is slightly below the state average, however, the...


Updated 6 days ago

PTA vs PT... Physical Therapy, a long term career? - 117 Replies

[QUOTE who="anton in San Antonio, Texas"][/QUOTE] I have worked as a PTA for four separate companies. I think the PT you are working with makes a...


Updated 7 days ago

It is time for change - 102 Replies

Mallory I have been trying to get into pta school at PRCC for 2 years now. Applied twice and interviewed twice and still haven’t gotten in. I just...


Updated 16 days ago

Backup plan in case the PTA license becomes obsolete - 85 Replies

[QUOTE who="MelV in Chicago, Illinois"]Hey guys! I started a petition to overturn the decrease in PTA/OTA reimbursement...please sign and share with...


Updated 18 days ago

Is it tedious to get licensed in another state after moving? - 21 Replies

I wanted some information on TX licensure for foreign trained PT who has three and half year degree in PT from India. Does TX board consider three...


Physical Therapist Assistant

Hello ! I am a PTA in New York State and wanted to advance my career, however, I do not want to continue on to get my DPT. Does anybody have any...


Updated 1 month ago

Continuing Education Courses in IL - 7 Replies

Hi anne, You should try Fox College. I'm a new grad from there and they are accredited.

Daren Cameron LPTA in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Updated 1 month ago

What is PTA school like (difficulty, work-life balance?) - 1 Reply

Looking at potentially applying for the PTA program in the future, but I would like to know what the workload is like. I do not plan to work a job...

yatescity in Yates City, Illinois

Updated 1 month ago

PTAs needed ASAP $40/hour with free company car. Willing to sponsor. (also looking for PTs) - 2 Replies

Immediate need of 3 licensed PTA's in NY or any state, Optimum will help in processing license endorsement to the state of Virginia. Area of work is...

jamiescoffee in Aurora, Illinois

Updated 1 month ago

Worried about my background check - 66 Replies

i am 22 years old and have more than the minimum required observation hours to be accepted into the pta program. my gpa will be high enough as well,...

RunnerDude78 in Waterbury, Connecticut

Updated 1 month ago

PTA or OTA or LPN... - 3 Replies

Hi, quick little intro 30 y.o. bachelor of science in justice & law admin. Have 8 yrs of hospital tech experience from EMS to OR to Anesthesia to...

Leni in Oceanside, California

Updated 2 months ago

Pros and Cons of PTA - 4 Replies

Hello there, I am seeking the advice, thoughts, and opinions of experienced PTAs. I am currently making education/career choices, and I am...

Inquisitive in Slough, United Kingdom

Future Careers

What careers should I be looking at for the foreseeable future in California?

Kyle in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 2 months ago

Salary for full time home health PTA (TX) - 209 Replies

Hello. I am a PTA with 18 yrs experience currently working in hospital outpatient clinic. I am looking at a local private home health company to go...

kyle in Morrow, Georgia

Updated 2 months ago

Moving from Ga to Tx - 1 Reply

How is the job market in Houston,TX and what is the pay for a PTA with 1 year experience? Also how long is the process of getting a TX license and...

Chrissy1988 in Savannah, Georgia

Relocating to Houston,Tx

How is the job market in Houston and what companies do you suggest I apply with? I am looking for full time work with guaranteed hours

PTA in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 2 months ago

Questions for Physical Therapist Assistants, please help me decide if this career is right for me. - 306 Replies

I am trying to decide if I want to go into the PTA program. I am an LPN at the moment and am not entirely happy with my career choice. No matter...

Roman in Secaucus, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

PTA salaries nationwide - 536 Replies

Hi, I've been working as a PTA for 11 years and i'm currently making $32.50/hr working in an outpatient physical therapy office with minimal...

Adriana in Boynton Beach, Florida

Updated 4 months ago

PTA mentorship/training + job opportunities - 1 Reply

Small physical therapy clinic located in Starke, Fl is looking for future PTA students. Whether future SPTA or generally interested in physical...

Adam in Grand Blanc, Michigan

Updated 4 months ago

From PTA to PT - 5 Replies

I'm graduating a community college with an AA in general studies. I've had PT in mind for the last year or so but recently I've been looking into PTA...

Sydney in Kingston, Tennessee

Physical Therapy Assistant

I'm wanting to go into physical therapy after I am a physical therapist assistant;can you give me questions that you were asked when you were trying...

Sydney in Kingston, Tennessee

Updated 4 months ago


Hello, I've a few interviews for a pta program, Can anyone tell me what to expect? What types of questions will be asked? any other information...

matao10 in Apo

Updated 4 months ago

PTA program Pensacola State College - 1 Reply

Hi everyone! I love reading everyone's comments and seeing the different discussion topics. I am about to start my observation hours for the PTA...

Hilly in Hoboken, New Jersey

Updated 5 months ago

Stats for your grades for students at laguardia community college and kingsboro? - 1 Reply

I'm trying to get a feel of how good of a chance i have for getting into the pta programs at these schools. For students already enrolled or...

Qsouza in Chico, California

Updated 5 months ago

To be a PTA: how long will it take? which school to go to in CHicago? - 99 Replies

I'm thinking about going into PTA. I'm 43 years old. My questions are: I read some jobs posted on Monster, a PT has to graduate from an accredited...

Spta in San Jose, California

Updated 5 months ago

Insight from thoses in the PTA program - 284 Replies

It's always nice to hear from those who are already in the field and it gives me great motivation to work hard. But, I would like to hear from those...

aristotle.hachero@*****.*** in Glendale, Arizona

Updated 5 months ago

How are PTA jobs in AZ? - 6 Replies

Wondering how PTA is in Arizona, mainly Phoenix. Large population of elderly and retirees. Is SNF or Home Health popular because of this? I'm looking...

Bobbie Abbott in Ocala, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

PTA versus OTA - 77 Replies

After a few years getting the prereq's out of the way I didn't get in to PTA school because too many people applied. I'm considering looking into...

wannabefl in Pompano Beach, Florida

PTA program in BC; some advice/opinions please?

So, I applied to the PTA program at BC North. They started a new Points System, where you get points for each class completed and points depending on...

Jane in Merced, California

Updated 6 months ago

Physical Therapist Assistant- is it a waste of time or a good career? - 1160 Replies

I am looking into a 2 year community college program, please help.

RSmith1972 in Apo

In Serach of Acreddited Oline PTA Program

Does anyone know of a certified, affordable, online PTA program I may begin while living overseas? And then finish my clinical work when I return to...

Tacoma Wa in Oakland, California

Updated 6 months ago

PIMA Medical Institute - 82 Replies

I am looking for any type of feed back on this school. I have searched the internet and cannot find any. Is there anyone out there that can tell me...

Preston in Weatherford, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

travel PTA average salary? - 230 Replies

Does anybody know the average salary of a travel PTA? Also can anyone recommend any reliable travel companies?

J Rotten in Los Angeles, California

Updated 7 months ago

What age do people retire from being a PTA? - 46 Replies

I'm looking to go back to school to be a PTA, but I am already in my early 30's so will be in my mid 30's when I graduate. I am very physically fit...

Roman in Secaucus, New Jersey

Updated 7 months ago

PTA moving to a four year degree - 71 Replies

Has anyone else heard this? What would be the rationale for doing so? Do you think that PTAs with only a two year degree would have to pursue...

MannyT in San Diego, California

Updated 7 months ago

question regarding california PTA license - 100 Replies

I passed my PTA exam and the California Law exam recently and wonder if anyone in this forum would know how long should one wait for the PTA license?

Carolyn in Layton, Utah

Updated 7 months ago

Wound Care as a PTA - 6 Replies

I've read these forums alot and Many PTS's talk about areas of work..such as SNF, outpatient, homehealth ect... Im interested in wound care. Is this...

Joe in Ocala, Florida

Updated 7 months ago

PTA Programs that start in the spring - 1 Reply

Is anyone aware of any Physical Therapy Assistant programs that start in the Spring (or Summer) semester? I know that Northeast Community College...

Gia in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

PTA glorified exercise instructor? - 49 Replies

Please don't take this as an offense, but every time I have utilized physical therapy, snowboard and ski injury, the PTA just showed me how to do...

Nancy in Santa Clara, California

Updated 8 months ago

licensed PT in Sweden, want to work as PTA in US - 21 Replies

hi there. i am an american who has lived in sweden the last 10 years and am a licensed PT here in sweden. i would like to move back to the states,...

xtian310 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 8 months ago

Salary For Experienced Physical Therapist Assistant. - 84 Replies

How much does a PTA make as a traveler in Hawaii. I have 14years experience working in many settings such as snf, hospital, home care, out patient. I...

xtian310 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 8 months ago

PTA salary - 29 Replies

Hi, I live near Chicago and Im going into the pta field. I wanted to know what to expect for starting pay and after a few years of experience. Ive...

OlympusPT in Los Angeles, California

Looking for home health PTAs

Hello, I'm the director of therapy services for Olympus Therapy Solutions, a therapist owned operated home health therapy company on the westside of...

smoscoso in Belleville, New Jersey

Updated 8 months ago

PT or PTA degree? - 4 Replies

I'm trying to decide between pursuing a DPT or becoming a physical therapist assistant. I'm 25, I have no student loan debt and a bachelors (not in a...

joey mono tony in Denver, Colorado

Updated 8 months ago

Why so little opportunity for PTAs to pursue the DPT? - 97 Replies

Just wondering what the rationale is. It only seems logical to allow PTAs, people who have experience in the field, advance over others that have...

Maria R in Anaheim, California

PTA exam registration

Hello, question on the test...i applied in 2016, to test..i took it in Oct.2016. I would like to retest but in Oct 2017 i feel i am not ready, snd...

Pinky P in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 9 months ago

PTA School Difficulty - 47 Replies

I want to know exactly how challenging is PTA school? I work full time on third shift so my days are open to attend classes, but are the classes so...

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