What is it like to be a traveling PTA?

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Jen in Chandler, Arizona

61 months ago

I graduated from school in December and passed the board exams in January. I'm also a Licensed Massage Therapist, and have been for 6 years. The PTA work here in AZ is mostly seasonal, and the only jobs I've been able to find so far are PRN or short-term contracts in the middle of nowhere. I'm currently working a PRN PTA job and a part-time massage job, which is not a scenario I care for. I've been considering moving to another state, perhaps NC or FL, where there are more PTA jobs. My end goal is a permanent full-time position, but I know jobs like those are hard to land when you are living in another state. Therefore, I'm considering doing at least one travel stint to solve the geography issue, as well as to gain more experience. I would, however, need to find something that allows for relocation reimbursement.

For those of you who travel, how do you handle the logistics? Do you live in one place and then accept travel positions within a certain radius or do you pick up and move altogether every couple of months? I have a diabetic cat who needs to stay with one vet so he can get his meds, and I have a chronic health issue that requires ongoing medical supervision with meds, although it doesn't interfere with my daily life. I also have food allergies, and am concerned about moving somewhere that is vulnerable to natural disasters in the event going to a shelter is necessary. Yes, I'm a bit of a worrywart, but these are things I need to be concerned with. Also, if you know of any reputed travel agencies, that would be good information, as it seems they are everywhere and I don't know who really is trustworthy. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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PTAgirl in Monterey, California

61 months ago

Hi Jen,

I'm a relatively new grad PTA in CA. I just recently did one travel assignment and am now about to start a permanent job.

In short......to be considered travel, it have to be more than 50 miles from your permanent / tax home. I would recommend reading

This site has a lot of information as well as reviews of different companies. Everyone has a different experience with companies so you may have to talk to a few. I would recommend talking to more than one to compare.

Good luck. You have some valid reasons for being a 'worrywart'. We all have to evaluate our priorities. I've decided I really dont like moving that much so I've decided to try a permanent job here on the coast. this area is new to me, but it's pretty nice.

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