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Gypsyqueen in Helena, Montana

Updated 1 month ago

welding and women - 9 Replies

I've been an elementary teacher for over 10 years and have lost my job twice in 2 years due to budget cuts. I have been thinking about going back to...

Codog in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 3 months ago

What are typical pipe welder salaries? - 1232 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

Victor in California in Lyman, South Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

felony conviction, and welding - 15 Replies

my fiance is thinking about becomeing a welder. he is 27 yrs old and he is trying to get his life together. the problem is, that he has a felony....

Zacklee1800@*****.*** in Wetumpka, Alabama

Updated 5 months ago

How to get in the union as a welder - 8 Replies

I was recently layed off from my non union job, of weding and fabricating custom rail for 18 yrs. yea I thought I would retire from this place. I...

James902 in Shawnee, Kansas

Updated 16 months ago

Are pipe welder job opportunities growing or declining? - 181 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most pipe welder...

DAD/WELDER@SPACE-X. 2013 TWS JAX GRAD in Sanford, Florida

Updated 19 months ago

Pipewelding out of Tulsa Welding School? - 134 Replies

Hey all, I love this site and all the info you guys/gals are giving. I'm currently attending Tulsa Welding School in Jacksonville Florida. It's a...

Dbutler in San Bernardino, California

Updated 20 months ago

Why Lincoln vs. Miller for pipe welding? - 64 Replies

Whats the big deal about lincoln, they have 60% duty cycle as compared to mill @ !00% duty cycle. can anyone explain this to me


Updated 22 months ago

How can you get a good pipe welding job without lying about experiance? - 15 Replies

I have worked really hard, graduated from welding school and can learn very fast, but it seems that if I want to get a welding job that pays a good...

Briantyler.ew@*****.*** in Germantown, Tennessee

Updated 25 months ago

pipeline welding - 705 Replies

i am a firefighter in louisiana. i am recently vested in the retirement system.(i will get a check even if i quit.)I am thinking about trying to...

Ramadaan in Phoenix, Arizona

Pipe welding

Im out of Arizona have been welding for 6 years at jobs here and there I want to take my career to the next level!! Arizona isnot the greatest place...

john in New Boston, Texas

Updated 50 months ago

Advice on what cert pays the most..... - 1 Reply

I'm in school learning to weld, and I'm doing pretty well at it. My question is, what should i certify in stick or tig? whats more demanding between...

German Reyes in Mcallen, Texas

Advanced Combination Welding Certificate

I am currently going to STC to get certified in combination welding and also planning on going to the pipe welding idustry. If certified and know how...

Alphonius in Cameroon

Updated 54 months ago

WELDING JOBS - 8 Replies

Typical pipe welder salaries, Before the recession, starting pay for a good pipe welder were starting off at $29.00 per hour,,, as you progress,...

Stacey in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Updated 57 months ago

Welding Jobs - 5 Replies

I just attended a welding program where i finished a year early got certified in MIG,FLUX CORE,STICK,and also my 6G.I am looking everywhere for work...

bubbles77 in Erie, Pennsylvania

Updated 59 months ago

I wanna be a pipe welder - 3 Replies

So I've chosen welding as a career. I've gotten 3g and 4g GMAW to d.1.1 structural steel in my school welding class. Every single job I see wants at...

cecelove75 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Updated 72 months ago

go to school for 2 years for welding, or be a helper and work your way up??? - 2 Replies

have a choice to go to back to school(paid) college offers two year welding degree program...grad with a certificate....Whats a better path for...

will-the-welder in Cocoa, Florida

Updated 73 months ago

where to go for pipe welding jobs? - 2 Replies

I am starting to rig out my truck, for a career inpipe welding. This is some thing that is a means to an end. I have the tools to do the job and the...

JT Land in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Updated 74 months ago

how to get a job as offshore welder - 1 Reply

Ok so I'm currently a student at a pipewelding school and should graduate at the end of 2013 with an assoicates degree in applied science (I had...


Updated 74 months ago

Tips for pipe welder interviews. - 19 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming pipe welder interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

JT Land in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Updated 75 months ago

Riddle Me This?? - 2 Replies

Why does it seem that, in TX at least, in order to get a job welding anymore you have to know someone? Why wont they even talk to you if you dont...

JT Land in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Updated 75 months ago

I need work in Jax, FL Please... - 13 Replies

I'm a begining welder. I went to the Tulsa welding school in Jax, FL and I can't find work. Are there any places hiring.

yurigermain40@*****.*** in La Palma, California

Updated 77 months ago

What is the best union for pipe welders in Southern California - 1 Reply

Any info is very useful thankyou!

Prime Tyme

Updated 79 months ago

pipe mig stick fluxcore some tig - 1 Reply

Why is it so hard to get welder job i have 23 years exp i have certs so what is it then

Prime Tyme

where do i go from here

Im expression my fustration because i need HELP. I have been a pipe welder since 2009. I had jobs here a there but for the most part Im unemployed...

david in Cumming, Georgia

Updated 80 months ago

Wages - 3 Replies

I don't get it, I find adds for welders; but they are wanting to pay low wages. I am attending school now but will be damnd if I leave school...


Updated 82 months ago

Need Advice About Becoming A Pipe Welder's Helper. - 3 Replies

I'm was a welder in the army for 4 years, and then went to Tulsa Welding School for 7 months to perfect my welding skills. However, I had to take off...


Updated 82 months ago

Take a ROP class and join (MSC)Military Sealift Command (fed/Gov) job - 2 Replies

Dont have a HS Diploma or GED!!!you dont need a HS diploma or GED to join(MSC) thats whats good about it,plus they pay good and work all over the...


Updated 82 months ago

Need a Pipeline Job - 2 Replies

Anyone know where any work is for pipeline welding? Not too concerened about location. About to starve. Will go anywhere to work!!!

hugo xabregas in Sines, Portugal

moving to usa for weld

greatings for all. im a portuguese welder with 14 years experience can do tig stick and mig mag welding(carbon,stainless,p5,p11,p22,p91,p92 and...

Auspipewelder in Adelaide, Australia

Hard for Aussies to start pipeline welding in US?

Hi, I have been cross country welding on lines in Australia for nearly 20 years and my family and I would like a change of scenery. I am in fairly...

LT in Scarborough, Ontario

Red Seal test

Ive been a welder for over three years now, certified with cwb I only have GMAW tickets hard wire and metal core. Cant get a straight awnser out of...

Diakite in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 84 months ago

is there anybody you know hiring? - 79 Replies

i live in missouri. i got a job fabricating a plant in californina that will pay me $65 an hour. but dang away from family and i hate to go back to...

marvin delosreyes in Escondido, California

I want to take a ROP class for welding,dont have HS Diploma or GED!!

I been at Discount tire co. for 8 yrs.Want something new,looking into being a welder!!how should i start off??

Ladd Anderson in Denver, Colorado

Updated 87 months ago

need some help with a lincoln sa200 - 14 Replies

Ok guys need some help here im at my wits end with this dang machine. It will run good for awhile then it starts cuting out real bad then it dies....

Ben W in London, United Kingdom

What are my Chances?

First off lets set the scene, I'm a 20 yr old Apprentice welder from England. I Work on Agricultural vehicles in a workshop (roughly 30ft long with a...

Wwdhunter in Greenville, South Carolina


I don't believe it gets much hot than making a tie in in a bell hole when it's 102 and the sun is right over head!

weldnman in Pueblo, Colorado

Updated 95 months ago

pipeline downhill welding - 1 Reply

do i have to modify my 250 lincoln diesel to pipeline?

QCRobert in Eugene, Oregon

Cold Weather Hazards in Refineries

I found this link on another forum and thought it timely. http://www.youtube.com/safetymessages#p/u/3/IKTwH9QVJSA I worked near this Dumas,...

cwelder2 in Boise, Idaho

Updated 99 months ago

What are the best pipe welder qualifications and training to get ahead? - 3 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a pipe welder? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective pipe...

JMC in Los Angeles, California

Updated 99 months ago

Any one knows any leads from companies looking for Rig welder in Southern California? - 3 Replies

I would like to know if any one here in this network community knows of any companies hiring rig welders at the moment. I'm an LA city certified...

Student in Everett, Washington

I'm a welder without a certification, Can I find a job????

Hello forum, Is possible for someone that knows how to weld find a job without any certification or any kind of paper that say "you are a good...

CCoronel in Brentwood, California

Updated 106 months ago

Are there any Unions taking Apprentices with minimum experience? - 6 Replies

Hello, I took a 16 week Pipe/Plate welding course at Tech school in SC and a 3 month skill upgrade program through FLUOR. Received certificates...

Ryan Wierzbicki in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Updated 106 months ago

Commercial and Industrial Jobs - 4 Replies

Pipe Welder jobs are not always easy to find, Grus Construction Personnel believes this is another reason to visit our website and select the...

Bob in Brenham, Texas

Updated 107 months ago

best schools - 4 Replies

wich welding school did you guys go to , and wich has the rep for being the best

MCW in Springfield, Missouri

Updated 108 months ago

Question/Advice from Pipe welders, Amp settings for pipe test, Machine recommendation - 3 Replies

I am taking a pipe test in 3 weeks, 2"XXH E6010 root, E7018 cap. Question #1 What should my amp/heat range of settings be on root and the cap....

Michael Capuno in Makati, Philippines

Updated 108 months ago

Top pipe welder skills needed to get the job. - 10 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every pipe welder must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your pipe welder expertise?

frankgarcia3969@*****.*** in Eagle Pass, Texas

Updated 111 months ago

welder helper - 7 Replies

How hard is it to get into the 798 for welder helper

James in Exeter, New Hampshire

Updated 115 months ago

any deacent jobs out thier in the State of NH ? - 4 Replies

I HAVE 30 YRS of exp. in all kinds of welding, flux core,mig, tig, arc, tube high purity e.p. and 180grit stainless,pipe welding gas or steam and...

Isita Hossain in Brooklyn, New York

what are the highlights of being pharmacist? Its a great high paid job, but I cant help but think I'll be bored and depressed.

Hello everyone. I am a freshman at City Tech. I am considering the pharmacy major and thinking about transfering to University of North Carolina to...

Portableweldor in Los Angeles, California

Updated 116 months ago

does any one know of any pipe or steel companies looking for welders in the southern california area. - 1 Reply

I will appreciate it if any one knew of any companies looking for rig welders at the moment. In the LA area San bernardino area, or orange county...

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