Becoming a police officer

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Gar in San Marcos, California

52 months ago

The biggest issue is the unpaid medical bills. For the issues when you were 15 you should be fine if you are honest. The medical diagnosis may be a problem depending on how long ago it was and the treatment you sought afterwards.

The unpaid bills will come up. Those you should try to settle with the companies as soon as possible and apply a few years later when your finances are cleared up. Your not out, just need a little planning before you can be competitive. And it always depends on th agency and who else is applying.


Kekangx in Tustin, California

18 months ago

Not sure if this lady actually got in but NO to be honest. Any sort of arrest record regardless of situation is an automatic DQ among police departments across the board.

The reason is not because of a simple mishap that happened many years ago and you've been straight ever since so let's just brush it under the rug.

It has everything to do your liability. As a sworn officer you're obligated to testify in court. If you have DUI, arrest record in your background, the defense lawyer will pick you apart in front of the court and call your integrity into question. It could cause your department and city to pay out millions in law suit cases against them.

This is why law enforcement stresses the importance of a clean record. They all understand people aren't perfect but the ugly world of law suits, and attorneys is why they can only accept clean slates.


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