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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming premium auditor interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?


javatheworld in Mesa, Arizona

117 months ago

If you have the underwriting file, study it. Get an idea what the insured already does.

Look up the classification(s) under which the insured was described. The classifications describe the insured's business, and not all the time is the insured classified correctly.

Under WC--
Also be aware of NCCI's specific rules. Such as if you are auditing a roofer, make sure he separates payroll for 5645 Residental Carpentry and 5551 Roofing.


javatheworld in Mesa, Arizona

106 months ago

My answer 10 months ago was for when you're going to interview an insured for the description of operations.

Reading this question again I realized that this question may also be for someone new going for an interview for the first time, wanting to be considered to become a premium auditor. So my apologies to anyone reading this prior to now, who wanted to know about job interviewing tips.

When I first applied 5 years ago for the position, I was called in for the interview. Not knowing anything about premium audit, I scoured the Internet for answers. There is much information about premium audit if you look hard enough. I imagined that I would be asked if I knew what premium audit was, so through my Internet research, I memorized an answer.

Sure enough, the interviewer (who would later be my boss and trainer) asked me that question of what I thought premium audit was. I admitted to him that because I didn't know, I researched on the Internet to find out. Then I gave him my memorized answer.

I guess he was impressed with that, adding that I was the only one he interviewed who gave the best answer, much less tried to find out through the Net. I got the job, and was given on-the-job training, which sustained me through being a field auditor.

So if you've never done premium audit before, find out what it is first. It will help you understand what the field is about as well as looking intelligent for your interview.


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