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Updated 2 hours ago

Valero operator test - 3098 Replies

[QUOTE who="Gbert"]Wow a higher up for Valero just hired his two sons!!! This is getting crazy!!! The sups name is Robert Casas!!!! I’m writing a...


Updated 11 hours ago

Testing for ExxonMobil - 3076 Replies

If you still haven’t taken phase II yet, then put your mind at ease. The test is very elementary. I glanced over 3 practice tests for maybe 30...


Updated 1 day ago

PBF Energy - Process Operator - 1 Reply

Hello will i am currently going through the same process. And wondering if you followed through with it successfully? And if you could give me some...


Updated 11 days ago

Process Technology - 18056 Replies

[QUOTE who="ctran81 in Nederland, Texas"]Just finished taking the enterprise cobra test. For a first timer I thought I did pretty good. My interview...

Bears in Cerritos, California

PBF Energy in Torrance

Just applied here. Anyone got any info on their testing phases? Salary?

jim1174 in Antioch, California

Any of you take a test that involved a cookie factory report

Any of you ever take a test where you had to read a daily report from a cookie factory? If so can you give me advice on how to do well on this kind...

Operator2420 in Port Neches, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Total - Port Arthur, TX Process Op. - 34 Replies

Good evening All, Has anyone gone through or currently going through the hiring process for Total Petrochemical? I passed the pre-employment test...

M in Pittsburg, California

Updated 2 months ago

Chevron operator trainee - 28 Replies

Since the "How to get a job at Chevron" thread appears to have been deleted, I will start a new one. Has anyone who interviewed in mid May 2015 for...

Shaffer in Minnesota

Updated 2 months ago

Industrial employment and screening/DISA procedures - 11 Replies

My husband was hired by an industrial company. They didn't wait for his screening tests to come in, when they received a negative urine and mouth...

billybob09 in houston, Texas

Lbc terminal seabrook

How is it working at LBC Seabrook? How is the overall morale a interview coming up with them.

Steven in Goodsprings, Alabama

Updated 3 months ago

BASF hiring process - 13 Replies

I received an email after aplying to a BASF position on Indeed abut 2 months ago. You can check your status online and for almost a month it...

Mac007 Mac in Houston, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

ExxonMobil Process Technician Interview - 10 Replies

I have an interview with Exxon Mobile Nov. 7, 2016. Can anyone provide details of the company such as pay, schedule and training?

Mac007 Mac in Houston, Texas

Process operator interview with ExxonMobil

Hi guys, this is my first time n this forum and I am really glad I found you guys.Please I need some advice!! I had an interview on the 10th of...

Jovas86@*****.*** in Compton, California

Updated 5 months ago

Phillips 66 Operator Wilmington Califronia - 18 Replies

This Forum is for the Philips 66 Wilmington California. I had my interview Octobedr 22nd. Has anyone heard anything??????

Tina28301 in Houston, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

Lanxess Orange Tx - 2 Replies

Got a letter yesterday inviting me to test. Anyone know the starting salary for a operator trainee. And what they top out at?

Darb in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Updated 5 months ago

Citgo Testing - 41 Replies

I took the Operator test at Citgo in Lake Charles on 10/18. Anyone know about how long it takes for them to let you know about phase 2??

DD in Metairie, Louisiana

Updated 5 months ago

Marathon Hiring Process - 33 Replies

Like a few others that have posted in the main thread I've passed the Marathon test and have been invited to their "work demonstration". I was...

Billiam in Lake Jackson, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

Job security - 1 Reply

I'm trying to get information as much as I can about being a Processing operator for a refiner. I looked at the pros and cons about this career and...

629523 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 8 months ago

Tesoro in Wilmington, CA - 929 Replies

Went to the test for the Process Op Trainee (Field) slot last Monday the 13th. There were probably 200-250 for 20-25 slots the HR lady said. We will...

Suigenerisaka in North Brunswick, New Jersey

Updated 8 months ago

Help...verbal job offer and start date but NO OFFICIAL OFFER LETTER! - 2 Replies

Hello, all—so I’m in a position where I really don’t know what to do. So let me tell you the backstory so that you can get a clear picture of my...

Macho13 in Los Angeles, California


Has anyone heard anything from Nu-star terminal operator that tested in April and May?

Johnson in Houston, Texas


How long does it usually take for a response of whether or not I passed the test?

BP op new in Morris, Illinois

Anyone work at BP Whiting as an Operator?

Need some advice. I recently got a job at BP and I work at Citgo...can anyone tell me the culture there at BP? Is it worth the move

NL31 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Anybody took the Valero test and if so any update pass or fail or what will it say - 1 Reply

Anyone took the Valero test that passed trying to see what will

Ske in Westminster, California

Updated 10 months ago

Women Process Operators - 18 Replies

Hey there, I'm 23 from Louisiana and looking to go to school for PTEC I just wanted to get advice from other women out there whose in this field. Can...

jimmie8204 in Beaumont, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Motiva Port Arthur - 7 Replies

Anyone heard back for testing yet?

scamacho0713 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 10 months ago

valero in wilmington,ca - 26 Replies

has anyone heard back for valero after taking the online assessment? i am thinking no news is good right now.

Sasha in Surrey, British Columbia

Cabin Cleaning Attendant / Air Canada

Hi I went for interview on Dec 12 2017 here at Vancouver , for position of Cabin Cleaning Attendant for Air Canada. I was told i will know...

LSUTiger504 in Louisiana

Houston Area Plants, info wanted

What are the best plants to work for in the Houston or Austin area? Currently an operator for a major refinery/chemical producer in the New...


Updated 12 months ago

ExxonMobil hiring information - 240 Replies

I passed their tests back in July of 2010. Didn't hear anything until this year when they invited me to interview for their terminal operator...


Updated 13 months ago

Valero operator test question - 17 Replies

I don’t want to get my hopes up but I recieved an email my resume (no experience) made it to the 2 step of the qualification process. Just to prepare...

Ray Thomas in Los angeles, California

Updated 15 months ago

Shell convent - 1 Reply

does anyone have info if they extended offers for the shell convent process operator position . I Interviewed over a month ago .

franklynx100 in Lima, Ohio

Updated 15 months ago

PBF energy hiring process: interview - 22 Replies

I recently applied for a process operator position at a pbf refinery in Toledo oh. They said it's a four phase hiring process. I've passed the phase...

joe in Panorama City, California

Updated 16 months ago

Valero Operator Training - 11 Replies

I just took the operator test at Valero and they said that if you get the job there is a training period where you can only work 8 hours but they...

Wakerider in Alvin, Texas

Updated 16 months ago

Testing for lyondell - 1 Reply

Does anyone know what to expect on the Lyondell test?

WakeRider99 in Pasadena, Texas

Aptitude practice tests

I'm scheduled to go in for Lyondell and Valero later this month to take their tests. I'm guessing this is the aptitude test everyone talks about....

EMD_e in Houston, Texas

Updated 16 months ago

Passing aptitude test - 2 Replies

I have taken the tests at DOW chemical, Shell and Exxonmobil. I have been informed that "you did not meet the minimum requirements" After each...

M in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 16 months ago

BASF Operator testing - 1 Reply

Can anyone tell me what to expect for the pre employment testing for a BASF Operator position. The time I have been given for the test is 3 hrs...

Dudeinthenorth in Calumet City, Illinois

Updated 17 months ago

Help getting started - 1 Reply

I'd like to apply for the Citgo refinery in Lemont Il but I don't know where to start. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

Dudeinthenorth in Calumet City, Illinois

Updated 17 months ago

BASF - 10 Replies

Does anybody have any information on what to expect for the technical interview for BASF. It's my second interview with them. And from what I...

Aaron Holle in Texas

Exxon mobil

Has anyone tested with Exxon Mobil in beaumont for operator?

WMB8792 in La Porte, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

PRSI - 3 Replies

Anyone heard back from CCS for the operator positions at PRSI?

Amanda in Louisiana

Updated 19 months ago

Motiva - 19 Replies

Has anyone been invited to test for motiva Port Arthur yet?

JiBiT in La Place, Louisiana

Architect to Petrochemicals? (either contracting or engineering fields)

Architecture is a tough field and I have become very tired of working 60 hours a week with no overtime, great pay or incentives. In my opinion,...

IG in United Kingdom

Process Operator Need Help

I have just received emails asking to fill out the online test form for a position as a process operator and I have a few questions that I was hoping...

townsendteri@*****.*** in Staunton, Illinois

Updated 20 months ago

Any insight on testing for Phillips66? - 5 Replies

I have a scheduled test for Phillips66 this week, and all that was mentioned is the standard mechanical aptitude type testing, from the supervisor...

Opwesttexas in Odessa, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

Chevron test - 10 Replies

Has anyone taken the chevron test cuz I'm looking for little insight.

Fort Bend Guy in Houston, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

Safety Management and Process Tech Degrees - 3 Replies

Hey everyone, I'm currently attending Lee College pursuing a degree in Safety Management Technology which I am almost finished with. I found out that...

truckinusa in Frisco, Texas

Updated 22 months ago

Phillips 66 Operator Ponca City, OK (testing Friday the 24th of March) - 1 Reply

Can anyone tell me the starting pay and what to expect at Ponca City? It is a Steelworkers Union refinery, but I didn't know if they all pay the...

Ready_to_be_hired_on in California

Process operator

When you test with shell oil are there two types of tests for operator and maintenence or is it just their industrial aptitude test. I got invited to...

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