Self employed Property Manager

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corasonsin@*****.*** in Toronto, Ontario

124 months ago

Where does one advertise services for managing small properties(apartments, houses) direct from owners?
Thank you.


CAM Manager in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

121 months ago

There are dozens of sites some free and some paid start with craigslist



105 months ago



David Drescher in Montclair, New Jersey

98 months ago

You are unlikely to get new clients from advertising alone. You must become known to your community (such as PTA president) and industry (Join and participate in,, and your local property owner's association.) Once you have that down, advertise in the local paper 52 weeks a year, have a solid website, network on Linkedin.....ect


Carla in Pasco, Washington

90 months ago

I would say only 1% of your business comes from advertising. Network with other Realtors to get their referrals for clients that they can't sell their listings and they are looking into renting. You should also have your own real estate license and attend functions they go to like broker's open, title company functions, lender functions, join the Women's Council of Realtors, use your social networks, the point is to establish yourself as one who does this work and have the systems in place. My website has a link directly to the system I use that clients can go to anytime they need to. Offer something no one else does, not going to give secrets but be uniquely qualified. It takes awhile to build a clientele but after awhile they start falling in your lap regularly. Times are tougher now to get started. There is much more competition than ever before from people entering the field from real estate sales because there has been a down slide. You would be best to work under a larger company doing the work for them and once you have the skills under your belt you can negotiate a higher split or go on your own because any one of those clients would be a potential reference for you. Be careful you don't take anyone's clients though unless agreed upon in writing.


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