Over Qualified

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unemployed911 in Anaheim, California

97 months ago

I am a person with 25 yrs experience in Public Safety Communications with an exceptional amount of experience in both Fire and Police dispatch. The sad thing here is, you interview, and then they hire those with a lot less experience for the job. I have also run into the fact of age discrimination. Of course, we know this is illegal by Federal law. However, it does happen, during the hiring process, and is also done under the table. (we know how that is done). Then these agencies give some sort of test, then they select the top 10 or 20, and give NO regards to a person skills, qualifications, and knowledge on the job. It has been proven that not all top scores on these socalled entry exams produce quality operators. In addition to test scores, agencies need to look at a person resume and what skills they have to offer. many agencies are losing out on QUALITY personnel, but the real loser is the public. I know I would want someone with experience, knowledge of the job, to be the one answering that 911 call for help. THIS JOB TAKES A VERY SPECIAL PERSON. You City agencies who may be reading this. WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THOSE WITH EXPERIENCE WHO KNOW WHAT THE JOB IS ABOUT.

Unemployed and unable to find work


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