What do quality control chemists do?

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Nimita in Sydney, Australia

125 months ago

Hi my name is nimita, and i'm currently doing a research project on quality control chemists, in the petroleum industry

i was just wondering how do quality control chemists use spectroscopy and chromatography?



Luis Daniel in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

125 months ago

I am a chemist, who works in quality control of pharmaceuticals. I currently live in Honduras, Central America ( not in the US) I would like to know if I need to validate my degree in order to be able to work in the US. I have 20 years of experience.


mel in Los Angeles, California

121 months ago

I am a chemist and had/has been working for environmental, agricultural, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries since 1991. I had decided to be a fulltime mom and left my career in 2000 and re-enter employment in 2006 as a temporary quality control chemist. Since I was out of job for 5 years, I don't know how much quality control chemist makes nowadays. I am about to accept a permanent position as a quality control chemist for a nutritional company and I would like to negotiate the salary. Please give me a standard salary for a chemist like with me with my experiences in different industries.


Also chemist in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

120 months ago

Don't let them low ball you with an entry level salary---looks like the salaries are depressed due to recruiters...starting pay was in the 30's in the early 90's---s/b at least 45 now...GOOD LUCK!

Experience really counts in our field....be confidant, and above all, do not apologize for staying home for awhile


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