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mwulvik in Jacksonville, Arkansas

Interdisciplinary studies in persuit of quantitative analysis

I am at that point in my college education where I have to pick a major and stick with it. I want to ultimately do quantitative analysis, but I am...

maduwa mt in Thohoyandou, South Africa

is this a right paths to be a quant

am doing final year in mathematical satatistics, i want to do an honours of financial engineering so i want to know if this can lead me to be a...

Ville in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 84 months ago

What are typical quantitative analyst salaries? - 3 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

Silas Comberbacke in Seattle, Washington

Is It Hard to Leave SLC?

I'm considering taking a job with a great financial firm in Salt Lake City. It's an analyst position. SLC seems great to me, but in the event...

rupak_h in Mumbai, India

From a Bachelor's degree in engineering to Quant Finance.

How do I take up a career in Quantitative finance from an engineering degree in Computer Science?

agos in West Sacramento, California

Updated 93 months ago

Quant Analyst Jobs - 2 Replies

I would check out http://www.analystcareers.net Some decent jobs there.

Sebati MG in Wynberg, South Africa

Updated 98 months ago

studies to take in order to be a quant - 6 Replies

Hi, I'm doing Bsc in Pure Mathematics, Computer science & Computetional and Applied Mathematics. I just Wanted to ask am I in a right rout to be a...

rufkeee in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Updated 101 months ago

Are quantitative analyst job opportunities growing or declining? - 2 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most quantitative...

Mathgirl in Astoria, New York

Quant modeling master's degrees - NYC

Hi - I received my undergrad in Math & Act Sci but wanted nothing to do with Act Sci. I've been working in accounting for a few years @ a hedge...

blaster in Arlington, Virginia

Jobs at FDIC

FYI - The FDIC is posting many positions, nationwide. They are one of the places that are growing significantly this year.

Andy in Bronx, New York

Updated 114 months ago

www.quantnet.org - NYC community for quants - 2 Replies

www.quantnet.org You can meet other MFE students, headhunters, practitioners who work on Wall street. A good place to learn about career...

Parmdeep Samra in London, United Kingdom

Updated 115 months ago

What is the best route for me to get my foot in the door as a quantitative analyst? - 6 Replies

I am trying to make a career change from the operational side of the investment industry to the quantitative side. Since a master’s degree is...

Parmdeep Samra in London, United Kingdom

Quant jobs

The best opportunities are rarely publicised. I got my first position via a headhunter - admittedly most of them are useless and their approach...

Shanmukha Rao in Hyderabad, India

Updated 116 months ago

Getting a quantitative analyst job. - 1 Reply

How did you get your start doing quantitative analyst work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

Finance in Glenview, Illinois

Updated 123 months ago

How to make a career switch from engineering to finance - 6 Replies

Could anyone in the field of financial quantitative analysis suggest how to make this switch without going through MBA? I have a PhD in engineering...

Thulani Shakespeare Mdluli in Johannesburg, South Africa

need help

hi my name is Thulani i am studying Bcom Quantitative Mmanagement through correspondence (first and second year subjects) im enjoy mathematics a lot...

Ming in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 129 months ago

What are the duties of market risk analyst? - 1 Reply

Hi, I am a Hong Kong resident and it is the first time I visit this forum. Does anyone work as market risk analyst? What are the daily duties?...

Headhunter in NYC in Merchantville, New Jersey

Updated 129 months ago

Tips for quantitative analyst interviews. - 3 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming quantitative analyst interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and...

Thabiso in Johannesburg, South Africa


I am studying 3rd level BComm Quantitative management and looking for profesionals who are willing to serve as mentors.

cedrick in South Africa

Updated 131 months ago

Niche Job Board for Quants - 2 Replies

QUANTster.com - http://www.quantster.com

Amit in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Updated 132 months ago

Transition - 2 Replies

Hello, I am a logistics engineer who performs quantitative analysis using Access,Excel,VBA & SAS. Am also fond of simulations and optimization. I...

Sarad in Fairfield, Iowa

Career Possibilities for Computer Science Grad Students in Quantitative Analysis

I am finishing up my final year of my master's degree in computer science (undergraduate degree was in biochemistry). I have a 3.85 GPA and focused...

Andy in Bronx, New York

Graduate role

I have a double degree in engineering (first class honours) and computer & math science, and am thinking of taking the career path of a quantitative...

Dyck Van Dyke in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 137 months ago

Top quantitative analyst skills needed to get the job. - 1 Reply

What are the top 3 traits or skills every quantitative analyst must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your quantitative...

Dyck Van Dyke in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 137 months ago

Operations Research/Management Science careers in Finance - 1 Reply

Hi, I plan on starting my Master's in Operations Research (Quantitative analysis) this fall at GWU. While GWU has an MS in finance, it is not as...

Dyck Van Dyke in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 137 months ago

Which financial engineering program is better in your opinion ? Carnegie Mellon or NYU - 1 Reply

I've come to these 2 choices. Want to go into a quant analyst position in fixed income...any insight ?


What are the best quantitative analyst qualifications and training to get ahead?

What is the best training for becoming a quantitative analyst? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective...


What do you enjoy most about your quantitative analyst career?

What do you enjoy most about being a quantitative analyst? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn...

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