I need someone to help me pick a career: Radiation therapy, Respiratory therapy, or Dental Hygenist???

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Lady in Elmhurst, New York

75 months ago

I have heard many things about this field; more negative than positive! I do know that these fields pay well and you do not need to go to school forever. I live in New York City and I am willing to relocate to New Jersey if necessary to get a job in one of these fields. My question is: What is the job market like for these fields currently (meaning 2012) in the New York State area? A lot of people are saying that the job market is terrible for these fields, but I researched and they said that the job market is going up for these fields which is confusing? (but I read that the job market is bad from an article as well as other indeed.com comments from 2008/2009 when we were hit with the recession AND these people lived in areas like Idaho where not many of these jobs exist!) Are they good career choices to go into? Please don't try to advise me against these fields IF YOU PERSONALLY DON'T LIKE THEM! Thank You for your help!


PingPongDingDang in Fullerton, California

74 months ago

Radiation has a very bad health effect, I would still do it if it's interesting but just know the dramatic risks that involve it. Now Resp, and Dental is a GREAT choice in career. Dental Hygenist make good pay (atleast they do here in cali) and There is quite a demand for them. Respitory therpay is pretty much the same, it's very interesting and will give you a better paycheck then most will. Again, if I had a choice, I would go for the dentistry one just because it's more of a calming job than RT, BUT that is entirely up to you. Reverting back to the radiation one, I'm sure it pays well and will be a good career if you decide on that one also. Like I said though, I'd go for the dental out of all of them just based on both the comfort-ability and the lack of exposure to extremely harmful diseases/chemicals etc.


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