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Updated 4 hours ago


[QUOTE who="txnbuckeye in Pataskala, Ohio"]I'm glad I found this discussion, but it's kind of depressing as well. I've been in school pursuing an...


Rad tech Vs Sonography one DENVER specifically.

My goal since high school has been to become a sonographer. Due to a series of events I’m 32 and that hasn’t happened yet. I just graduated with a BS...


Updated 16 hours ago

How to become an MRI Tech - 2 Replies

Thank you so much!! This helped a lot! I wasn't even considering the programs at the hospitals but it really does make sense!


Senior in HS Aspiring to be a work in Radiology (Wanted to ask a few questions)

Hello, I am currently a senior in high school and am working on a career exploration/development project for my English class. As a child, I have...


Updated 6 days ago

DO NOT go to school for a Radiology Technologist - 20 Replies

Edit* Your absolutely right. I’m almost six months out of my Ultrasound program, and have yet to find a stable position in the field. I was just...

NM but now CT

Updated 11 days ago

Do you like your job as a radiologic technologist? - 40 Replies

Oh man. They seriously pay that much for a CT tech out in DFW??!? I'm originally from the DFW area and I'm currently working/going to school to get...

Charisse Z

Updated 1 month ago

Texas Medical Board - 14 Replies

I am confused about the whole process. I filled out my online application and paid the dues about a month ago and never heard anything since. My...


Updated 1 month ago

A Story and a Warning - 36 Replies

[QUOTE who="TunnelVision in Boston, Massachusetts"]Whats worse than not being able to find a job in this field is the fact that you start to be...

radtech in Houston, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Radiologic Technologist Oasis in San Diego? - 7 Replies

I'm interested in going through the San Diego Mesa Community College Radiologic Technologist 2 year program, but after reading one thread after...

anonymous in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 1 month ago

Bachelors in Rad Tech or Learn Another Modality - 2 Replies

Hello All, Long time time reader, first time poster. Im in the middle of getting my Associates in Rad Tech and was wondering if I should get my...

Brooke Miller from town n country in Garland, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Are there jobs for Radiology Technologist is Tampa Bay? - 54 Replies

Please let me know. Thank you!

Fredrick in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 2 months ago

Jobs you can do with rad. tech degree? - 203 Replies

Hi, i am thinking about getting an associates in radiology technology and I was wondering what a person who is actually in the field, what they say...

Anonymous in Haworth, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

For the right people - 2 Replies

You have time be willing to work, learn and own up to mistakes. It is a physical job but after you get some time under your belt, go into CT or MRI....

Elina in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 2 months ago



Mimi in Hayward, California

Updated 3 months ago

Interview with Kaiser Rad-Tech Program 5/4! help needed - 19 Replies

I have an interview with the Kaiser School for their Rad-Tech program next week. I have been trying to get as much online information to be prepared....

Anonymous in Haworth, New Jersey

Updated 6 months ago

X-ray Tech Job Market in Pittsburgh, PA and Overall job outlook? - 1 Reply

Hi. I'm thinking about doing a 2 year associates in a Radiologic Technologist program at a local community college in Pittsburgh. I was wondering,...

Ravens9270@*****.*** in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 6 months ago

Radiology School Interview - 9 Replies

I have an interview for a radiology tech program and I know that it is very difficult to get accepted. I was looking for some advice and example...

Canadian rad tech in Surrey, British Columbia

Can a Canadian rad tech work in Ireland?

hello! Just wondering if my Canadian x-ray technologist diploma will get accepted by Ireland. It also required a year of university pre reqs...

Todd in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Updated 12 months ago

International R.T. Questions - 3 Replies

A few questions: So I have a few months before i graduate from an x-ray tech program. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a job...

Fast_Spin_Echo in Overland Park, Kansas

Updated 12 months ago

Radiology Tech Schooling - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, thank you for taking a minute to help me out! I am currently looking into becoming a Rad Tech in Colorado. I have spoken with a...

Mfrancis999 in Miami, Florida

Updated 14 months ago

Radiology Technician vs. Technologist? - 19 Replies

I see these terms interchanged all the time, but technician seem like it should be a step down from technologist. Correct? Like LPN is the level...

Alfresco in Northridge, California

Updated 15 months ago

Advice for all prospective students - 3 Replies

Do not come to this field or think you will get a job in the specialties of radiology like radiation therapy, mri, cat scan, special procedures,...

serra.rose in Berlin, New Jersey

Updated 15 months ago

Radiology vs. Ultrasound Tech - 15 Replies

Hello, I'm JUST at the beginning of trying to figure out what I want to go back to school for. I turn 30 this year, am bored with my current...

JDP in Columbia, Missouri

Updated 15 months ago

Radiography vs Sonography - 1 Reply

I'm trying to decide whether I should go to school for radiography or sonography. I've been trying to do my research but everything seems to...

RadTech001 in Miami, Florida

Radiation Badge... required or not?!

Hello, I work in a very busy private office where we take a minimum of 40 X-rays of all body parts a day. We are told we are not "required" by...

Mark in Cambria Heights, New York

St. Johns Radiology Tech. Program. Associates Degree. Is it worth it? All advice welcome

Hi all, I am an undergraduate student at SJU in queens NY in the Radiology Tech. Program. I have completed 2 years of my education at SJU. My next...

Mark in Cambria Heights, New York

Updated 16 months ago

St. Johns Radiology Tech. Program. Associates Degree. Is it worth it? All advice welcome - 3 Replies

Hey all. I've seen most of the horror stories that have been posted..And its really making me consider if this was the right choice. I attend St....

Mattox in Owasso, Oklahoma

Updated 18 months ago

Radiology Tech Questions - 1 Reply

I am thinking about going into the field of radiology and I wanted to do the radiology tech program. I just graduated with a Bachelor's in Health...

melissa in San Diego, California

Updated 19 months ago

Bachelors Degree - Radiologic Sciences vs Health Sciences - 119 Replies

I am a ARRT registered Radiologic Technologist with an Associates of Science degree. I am going back to college for my Bachelors but am not sure...

NobleSeven in Santa Maria, California

Updated 19 months ago

Is studying Radiology abroad a good idea? I need good advices and some questions. - 1 Reply

Good evening everyone. I am currently enrolled at a community college, and I am taking pre requisite for the Radiology program in Santa Barbara CA. I...

JDP in Columbia, Missouri

Updated 20 months ago

Getting recertified after getting a felony while working in the field for 15 years - 1 Reply

I am concerned and interested to know if anyone knows of or has been in this situation. I worked as a radiology tech for 15+ years and got a felony....

JDP in Columbia, Missouri

Updated 20 months ago

Will CT training be easy after completing MRI training? - 1 Reply

I've been a Xray tech for a while and just finished getting trained in MRI. Now I'm thinking about applying to a program to get trained in CT. I'm...

JDP in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 20 months ago

Rad tech job or related in the USA from UK - 1 Reply

Hi guys I'm qualifying in the uk ( London ) in a couple of month . I am looking for job opportunities in the USA. How do you recommend to approach...

jdp1983 in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 20 months ago

Radiology Schools! - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I just finished up my pre-reqs and I'm in the process of transferring to Holy Family University in PA. I have read most of the comments...

Kymberlie in Deep River, Connecticut

Updated 22 months ago

Is there a refresher course for rad tech? - 3 Replies

I graduated radiography school in 2000. Only worked in a hospital for 1 years (Never OR), and on and off in out patient centers for 4 years after. ...

Oma1 in Bowie, Maryland

Updated 24 months ago

RADTECH Certification Exam - 3 Replies

Hi everyone, please what material did you guys study for your RADTECH certification exam / ARRT? Will be taking my exam in few months and i want to...

Top Cities....3 out of 5 are in TX. in Zephyrhills, Florida

Updated 24 months ago

Expired Rad Tech License - 2 Replies

My ARRT and State license is expired. I have not had an x-ray job since 2009 due to "no jobs". I am wanting to get my license back and plan on taking...

ave80hawkins@*****.*** in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Updated 24 months ago

No jobs for ARRT CERTIFIED - 158 Replies

I have been looking for a job for several months now it seems no one wants a fresh rad tech right out of college with only one year as a radiogrpher....

Sydney in Cotonou, Benin

Updated 24 months ago

Canadian Radiography Student - 73 Replies

Hello there everyone! So I'm a Canadian Radiography student at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. I'm at the end of my 1st of 3 years for MRT...

Desperately seeking knowledge in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

Trying to find a school for xray tech in Illinois could anyone suggest one???? - 39 Replies

Also, How long should I expect to go to school for xray tech??? I do have about 3 years of college but never did get my degree. Can anyone out...

Lambert'sCanals in Fairfield, California

Updated 24 months ago

Radiology Technologist or Respiratory Care??? - 12 Replies

OK I been looking on this forum and I see a lot of bad attitudes. They have a couple threads with this subject but I didnt find the answer I was...

JDP in Columbia, Missouri

Updated 25 months ago

Is it worth it? - 2 Replies

I know there are so many discussion on radiologic technology, most of the ones I've seen are old, so I wanted to see if there was any new insight out...

JDP in Columbia, Missouri

Updated 27 months ago

Does the Rad Tech program you attend matter? - 2 Replies

I recently got accepted into the Rad Tech program at a local college, but after a google search I'm worried about job outlook. I talked to my advisor...

dropped91 in Milford, Pennsylvania

Night/weekend courses for ultrasound tech?

Is there such thing? I am in the ny/nj/pa area.

Paula from Calif in Gilroy, California

Updated 29 months ago


Hi, everyone. I am VERY interested in becoming a Rad Tech and will be applying to the program next semester. Unfortunatley I have several felonies...

Jayghopkins in Lake Worth, Florida

Florida BXMO license renewal advice

So quick backstory. I got my license 2 years ago. Ended up moving out of state and didn't keep it up. Moved back fairly recently, up until now my...

GR in Waipahu, Hawaii

Updated 31 months ago

Advice in how to get into Mammography - 4 Replies

I went to x-ray school at a hospital based program. I graduated in 2010. Two weeks after I graduated I went right into a hospital based sonography...

TS in Calgary, Alberta

Updated 31 months ago

X-Ray Tech Questions - 1 Reply

Hello - I have a couple questions about Medical Radiographic (X-Ray) Tech's that I can't find anywhere else. Are X-Ray techs exposed to blood or...

jake110112 in Lakewood, Ohio

How is the current RT job market (in Ohio/surrounding states)?

Hi, I've been browsing the boards for a bit and it has kind of shifted my view on the position. I thought becoming an RT in two years and finding...

kldmad in houston, Texas

Please answer Radiology tech questions .

I have many questions about the radiology technology field, if anyone is already in the field answer, please answer? On average, how many...

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