Delta Baggage Handler/Ramp Op

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YankeeM in Kissimmee, Florida

60 months ago

I had my F2F interview last Wednesday, March 26th, 2014. It went well and the interviewer told me that if I didnt receive a call "in a week or so", then it means I didn't get hired. It's been a week now and I haven't received a call from them but I haven't received a "sorry, but you weren't chosen" email either. Should I be worried? I really want this job and I'm kind of freaking out.


CDeMille in Wausau, Wisconsin

58 months ago

I dont think it would hurt to give a second call! Or just keep applying to different airport positions. The turnover rate for rampers is pretty high so that means you could probably find a job somewhere. Maybe not at the same airport but maybe at other ones! Good Luck!


warsop1985 in Baltimore, Maryland

26 months ago

Sir/Madam I am willing to work hard


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