I want to be a ramp agent, or some sort of ground worker at an airport when I graduate high school

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Luke Alley in Eureka, California

62 months ago

Hi I am a senior in HS and I want a job that can help me through college that I can actually enjoy. I love planes and fast paced jobs. I have been working at Mcdonalds for almost a year now, and closing in on a job at walmart. I live in a crappy area for anything, and I am probably going to somehwere in So Cal when I graduate HS. Maybe somewhere in the SF bay area. I really want a job I can enjoy. I do alot of grunt work at my job, lifting heavy stuff, cleaning sh*t off walls, unloading and loading trucks, etc. so I dont think being a ramp agent would be too bad. I just want a job where I can work outdoors and be around planes! Does anyone have any advice for me on getting a job as a ramp agent? Thanks very much!


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