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Updated 4 days ago

What are typical real estate agent salaries? - 19 Replies

As others have written, this industry can be very expensive and non-profitable for the first year or two. I was a realtor for a year and left the...


How To Become A Real Estate Agent

For all of you who are thinking of becoming Realtors, or for new agents just starting their careers, I urge you to read my book, Realtor...

Brent Mitchell in Austin, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Interested In Finding Out What Makes Keller Williams Realty Different? - 5 Replies

This is a great link to a KW Real Estate Agent Training, Education and Support Blog with tons of Free Real Estate Audio Training and Scripts!...

Suburban_Gal in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Updated 7 months ago

Survey reveals many real estate agents still living in the past - 3 Replies

According to recent survey, 50 percent of residential real estate agents have no structured system to manage their buyers and sellers. Meaning they...

Evan in Carson, California

Agents Reluctance to Embrace New Technology

Greetings, fellow agents. Why is it hard to get agents to test new technology products that will make their life easier? A fellow colleague and I...

Steve Lay in McKinney, Texas

Updated 20 months ago

Becoming A Relator: What Can Experienced Relators Tell Me? - 2 Replies

I went back to school to earn a paralegal certificate and I completed that certificate in January 2016. I've been unemployed for nearly 2 years and...

AwesomeCareers in Dallas, Texas

What is the most important personal attribute for an aspiring mega real estate agent?

Thinking and acting with purpose is near the top of the list.

Mona in Queens Village, New York

Updated 22 months ago

Passing a RE License Test - 3 Replies

Hi everybody! I finally decided to register on one of such forums because I decided to go along with real estate in my life. I finished RE school 3...

Dan Plowman in Whitby, Ontario

Updated 29 months ago

Looking for Real Estate Company to work for in the GTA or Durham Region - 1 Reply

I have completed Course 3 in Ontario. Just don't have the funds to pay for all the licensing at this time.. Are there any Real Estate Teams or...

investorwize in Whitestone, New York

How much to hire an experienced real estate negotiator

I am looking to hire a real estate negotiator for our investment company and I'm trying to find out how much is fair to pay such an employee. Should...

eddiethinker in Montréal, Quebec

Updated 37 months ago

Becoming a Real Estate Agent - 1 Reply

In the words of Mike Tyson, "Every body has a plan until you get hit in the face!" I was so excited, and ready to devote myself to the 24/7 life...

eddiethinker in Montréal, Quebec

wanna know about real estate training program

I’m a homemaker and planning to do the home inspection course from Freedom Business School, California. I have completed my graduation in commerce...

I had a plan... in Greenville, South Carolina

Does anyone know of a real estate agency that trains?

I'm still finding it hard to believe that the only training anyone gets is the 60 hour course you take to get licensed? I thought Keller Williams...

sjmilton in Secaucus, New Jersey

CPA Leaving Audit for Real Estate

I have my CPA and 2 years experience in audit at a 2nd tier accounting firm. I am ready to leave audit and not look back. I have passed level 1 of...

Brent Mitchell in Austin, Texas

Updated 43 months ago

What are the best real estate agent qualifications and training to get ahead? - 5 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a real estate agent? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective real...

Nate in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 46 months ago

New to Real Estate - 7 Replies

I am just starting my career in real estate, and was wanting to know if anyone has a preference of working for a larger broker ie. Coldwell or...

Nate in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 46 months ago

Considering Real Estate as a career. - 9 Replies

Im 20 years old and seriously considering real estate as a career. I have made up my mind that this is something I want to do. I have some experience...

afrisch1 in Oneonta, New York

Quick Survey for Real Estate Brokers

Quick survey I'm doing for my business statistics class. If a licensed broker was approached by an outside party(s) to start their own brokerage...

Braswell in Bay Shore, New York

Updated 64 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your real estate agent career? - 4 Replies

What do you enjoy most about being a real estate agent? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and...

Bruno in Lake Zurich, Illinois

Updated 70 months ago

Income average for a realtor - 3 Replies

I am looking for what is the average income for a realtor in Florida. I herd it was in the range of $1,500.00 a year. I know some agents make over...

Nate Wainwright in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

I live in louisiana and im interested in learning real estate to buy and sell homes as a second job. - 2 Replies

do you have to be part of a company to work as a real estate agent and is the program with donald trump and other seminars a legit way to learn real...

Nate Wainwright in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

Real Estate schooling? - 1 Reply

Can anyone in the Real Estate field advise me if taking online courses will hurt my career as a Real Estate Agent? And if going to a more expensive...

Nate Wainwright in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

Currently at NYREI, Need some direction - 1 Reply

hello, Im currently taking courses at NYREI and wanted some feedback as far as what company should I align myself with? Spoke to a rep from Rapid...

Nate Wainwright in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

What is important to you being a real estate agent? Help a newbie - 3 Replies

Hi there, I am considering becoming a real estate agent. I think the most important thing is to be a good salesman and marketer. Am I right? Any...

Nate Wainwright in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

Are real estate agent job opportunities growing or declining? - 10 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most real estate agent...

Nate Wainwright in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

Business License - 2 Replies

I want to start a new business.plse tell me about the license and related thinks?

Lakesha72 in Deer Park, New York

Updated 74 months ago

Becoming a R.E. Agent in NYC - 20 Replies

Would a brokerage in Manhattan hire an ambitious 18 yr old with only a highschool education and a real estate license? Just asking I don't want to...

Abe in Fairfield, California

Updated 95 months ago

BPO's - 9 Replies

Wanting to get started doing BPO's and listing repo's any suggestions.

gina massingill in Austin, Texas

Updated 98 months ago

Do Real Estate Agents get Health Insurance through their companies? - 2 Replies

Or are they independent contractors.

tb23shops in Brooklyn, New York

How does one get LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program) certified?

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent. I have been licensed for 5 years. I also have my Notary Public License. I would like to pursue a career with a...

REagent in Chicago, Illinois

Real Estate Brokerage in Chicago

Any suggestions/comments as to which Chicago Downtown Real Estate companies are good to join for a start up agent?

nycfeng in Brooklyn, New York

New Real Estate Agent in NYC

which company should I work for? With best training for new hire. Any offer free license course?


Updated 116 months ago

How do I get my CA RE licence off of sespension? - 1 Reply

Hi, I have my California real estate license, and I failed to take the follow up courses and keep my license current and it has been...

Grant013 in New York, New York

Updated 123 months ago

Top real estate agent skills needed to get the job. - 2 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every real estate agent must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your real estate...

Larry Potter in Grayslake, Illinois

Updated 124 months ago

How to get BPO business? - 1 Reply

I am looking to get into doing BPOs full time. My question is, what is the best way to start getting business? What is the usual pay for each report?

Walter Cortes in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 126 months ago

Real Estate License on H1B Visa - 2 Replies

Hi, I am considering applying for the real estate license. I read that i need to be a legal resident in the USA to do that. I am currently on H1B...

Roy in Evansville, Indiana

Commissions for related service?

I own a painting company... I work with RE Agents to paint clients' houses. I offer a pay-after-closing deal where the client doesnt pay until after...


Customer Lists Wanted, You Keep 25% of Profits

I work with a company called Global Resorts Network. We market lifetime timeshare memberships to those that dont want to dole out 15-30k for a...

Aaron Kaufman in Decatur, Georgia

Everything You Need To Know About A Real Estate Career At Keller Williams Realty

We designed this blog and website for new and experienced agents that are interested in finding out more about why Keller Williams Realty is the...

Kevin Banner in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 139 months ago

ATt. Real Estate Agents - 1 Reply

I have several hundred potential real estate clients. To serve them please visit to begin exchanging referrals Thank You, David

Call me Charlie in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 140 months ago

Letters to keep current clients - 1 Reply

Do any of you deal with preconstruction sales? I am working on a project that has apparently been going on for quite some time. My boss wants me to...

kickdrums in irvine, California

Updated 141 months ago

Getting a real estate agent job. - 1 Reply

How did you get your start doing real estate agent work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...


Tips for real estate agent interviews.

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming real estate agent interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

What's great about where you work? If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be? Got a question? Share the best and worst about what you do and where you work by joining a discussion or starting your own.

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