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Randal Scott

141 months ago

With the recent meltdown in the subprime business and clearly a softening economy to boot, it has become more difficult for appraisers to find work. It only takes a visit to some of the appraiser forums that exist out there or to the jobs board at the Appraisal Institute to see that appraisers are struggling to market and grow there business.

This on top of the pressures that already exist in this industry such as AMC's and lenders looking for certain pre inspection information that could and is in direct violation of USPAP guidelines make it extremely difficult for appraisers. It is out of this struggle and marketing research that spanned a period of more than a year, that the Appraiser Cooperative was created. Not aware of the Cooperative or the benefits it offers it's members. See for yourself by visiting. Check the signature line. Thanks

Randal Scott


Ted in Columbus, Ohio

130 months ago

I got into doing appraisers of REO properties and it has saved my career. You can get a 100 places to register for REO appraisal assignments at


Rick in Reno, Nevada

129 months ago

You might also want to try Lane Guide They have a database of all lenders nationwide including Loan Service and REO departments. Good Luck.


Opportunity in Parkton, Maryland

118 months ago


Prestige Underwriting Inspections is currently looking for qualified appraisers to conduct walk through inspections of high end homes for insurance purposes. The job entails photographs, measuring the home, and detailing materials. Average time on site 1 hour. No report to write. A detailed APEX sketch is required. Prestige is currently looking for appraisers in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut, and Washington D.C.

Qualified candidates may submit their resumes to the following email address:

Please include on your resume a telephone number where you can be contacted. If you meet all the general requirements and it is determined that your particular experiences and skill sets are well-suited for this opportunity, you will be contacted to schedule an initial telephone interview.


Richard D. Frank in Fort Pierce, Florida

117 months ago

We have assembled the over the past 18 months. The National Valuation Service® Appraiser Cooperative is the only national scale, bona fide appraiser cooperative in the USA with bylaws and coop structure and principles. Any and all appraisers are welcome to register for free. We are approaching 10,000 and making steady progress in the marketing and acceptance of our 50 state service. A coop is what the members make it. You are responsible for your own success and collectively have the ability to bring market share back into your reach and control and pocketbook.


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