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jakemp1124@*****.*** in Collins, Mississippi

7 months ago

I am currently earning the 75 hours required to apply for a license as an appraiser trainee. My question is about the apprenticeship.

I know trainees don’t make much. I’m curious what other trainees have done to support themselves.
1. Do most trainees work 40 hour weeks?
2. Is possible to have another job in order to supplement income while training?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Appraiser Newbies in San Francisco, California

5 months ago

You could consider approaching commercial real estate appraisal firms, as they might be able to better compensate their trainees since their profit margin is higher. Another way is to look for assessor's job in your local government. I saw that some of them also paid their trainee a fixed salary.

But of course, if you really cannot find one that pays you well, you might need to take on part-time jobs to support your living.

Here's a post on how to find a supervisory appraiser. Hope this would be helpful.


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