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What do you enjoy most about real estate appraiser work? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and advance?

What keeps you at your job?


Mario the Appraiser in Whittier, California

141 months ago

Like most: balance of activity, with time in field, in research, and client contact.Just when you think you're getting stale behind the computer, it's time to wheel out to an inspection. Just when you think you've got a grasp of what you need to do, or what to expect, the appraisal field does a backflip. Real estate appraisal is challenging, chaotic and can be a lot of fun. What it is not, is financially rewarding. If you do this right, and keep your nose out of trouble, your reward will be the satisfaction of a difficult job well done.

Some people think of appraisal as a glamorous field, or an opportunity to make a fast buck. Think this through before you invest your time and effort. Look at your education and experience requirements. If you labored in school, this is not for you. Experience is no more than indentured servitude.

And, finally once you get your licence to practice mayhem, there will be Review Appraisers out there to examine your work for quality, value and fraud. Do not fool yourself; these guys are not bozos. Usually, Review Appraisers have between 10 and 20 years of experience appraising real estate, and have seen every trick in the book to massage value. After years of field appraisal work, the Review Appraiser, will examined every type of property, from every region in the country, to USPAP, FNMA, FDIC, FHA, and investor guidelines for quality, value and fraud. As a Review Appraiser, I saw it all, shared my observations with my peers, and laughed my ass off daily, at the attempts by appraisers to fool the reader.

So why do it? Real estate appraisal is a profession. If you do it right, it is a serious, useful busines. You get to do the right thing for the right reason. You are an independant businessman, and you have the opportunity to grow your own business. You gotta hustle, but after a while, it gets in your blood.

And you become,

Mario the Appraiser


Collateral Management in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

79 months ago

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