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M Bush

Updated 5 days ago

i need help passing!!! - 79 Replies

[QUOTE who="Tom C. in Canton, Michigan"]I just passed my CRT 4 weeks ago and my RRT written last week and I honestly don't know how I passed the CRT...

molly's mom

delayed renewal for RT license

I will soon be renewing my New York State RT license after about five years out of the field, called a "delayed renewal" by the NYSOP (New York State...


Updated 8 days ago

Need help with rrt clinical simulation! - 15 Replies

[QUOTE who="travelrrt in Mccall, Idaho"]Hi I have the clinsim portion of Lindsay Jones if you're still interested. Drop me a line at...


Updated 8 days ago

Independence University Students - 91 Replies

[QUOTE who="Brenda in Cleveland, Ohio"]Not yet. I am planning to do my clinicals every other weekend. It seems like it may take me forever going...


Updated 12 days ago

Stay far, far away from Respiratory!!!! - 163 Replies

I just glanced... I see tons of RT jobs. Its like in the paralegal section they all say dont be one, but there are also tons of paralegal jobs...


TMC Exam (Where to Start)

Hello all, I graduated from a Respiratory Care program back in 2013. I became licensed in CA, and received my RRT credential. Unfortunately, I...


Updated 12 days ago

Respiratory Therapy Notes - Pass the TMC exam - 29 Replies

Does anyone know the minimum needed to pass the TMC


How can Canadian RT transfer practice to the United States?

Hi there! I’m a Canadian RT currently working in home care and was wondering if there are any Canadians that are practicing as RT States...

S. Lee

Updated 22 days ago

Which is better nursing or respiratory therapist? - 183 Replies

Right now in Michigan the pay is around $32/hr. The problem is there is so little turnover in most hospitals you are stuck on nights for YEARS. ...


Updated 25 days ago

looking to buy a used Lindsey Jones CRT/RRT materials.... - 129 Replies

Sorry, just gave them to a friend


Updated 27 days ago

Respiratory therapy Visa Sponsorship - 56 Replies

Good morning, I am a newly graduate in respiratory therapy (May 2018) , I obtained my RRT and I have a medical degree from Mali. I have aquestion...


Updated 1 month ago

NBRC ruined my life- plese help! - 337 Replies

Hello, I just found this forum. I scrolled throughout all 7 pages reading posts randomly. Little bit about me:graduated with my BSc in...


Updated 1 month ago

Help i failed TMC exam - 36 Replies

[QUOTE who="JazzMonet in Grand Prairie, Texas"]Hello, were these notes really helpful???[/QUOTE] Where can I go to purchase that study guide I try...


Respiratory therapist

What agency do I need to contact to apply and see if I can be a RT withvsafelute 15 year old felony? In Phoenix Arizona or Mesa

Interested in sleep

Updated 1 month ago


I reside in Chicago and would love to know is there a big job demand for polysomnography? Also, what is the starting salary? Thanks in advance


Updated 1 month ago

Is RT really a good career choice? - 55 Replies

[QUOTE who="ayelele in Saint Petersburg, Florida"]hi i was wondering is it possible that someone could die if you dont do your job right as a...


Updated 1 month ago

How much does everyone make per city - 3 Replies

RT with 5 years experience, earning $48/hr base in Northern California. There's another $4 differential for nights, another $2 for weekends. On...


Updated 1 month ago

Doing well on the new NBRC board exams as from January 2015 - 566 Replies

[QUOTE who="themainevent in Santa Rosa, California"]Hey guys/gals would it be helpful if I put together a study guide/blog/ebook that would help you...

Lorrie in Lynbrook, New York

Updated 1 month ago

Kettering CPFT or RPFT - 121 Replies

Has anyone purchased both the CPFT and the RPFT books and discs from Kettering? When I got the CRT books and disks 2 yrs ago, they were very similar...

roRRT in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Looking for Kettering Pulmonary Function Test study material + advice on test - 5 Replies

Is anyone selling their PFT certification study material? How is this test layout? I am an RRT and am interested in taking the pft Nebraska test. ...

Alfir in Ohio

Updated 1 month ago

Travel Therapist ??? - 502 Replies

Anyone here a travel therapist or worked as one? I'm currently looking into agencies but not sure which one is better. Looking for good pay,...

nguyen in Stockton, California

Been 2 years since I finished school desperately need help passing RRT!!

I've been reading and listening to the Lindsey jones audiotapes. I took the test about 5 times and failed short of 10-15 points. I feel like I'm so...


Updated 2 months ago

Respiratory Therapist - 1 Reply

I am interested in the RT program nervous about going to school after so many years. Truly want a better life for my mom and I. Are the classes...

Terry in Lakeland, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

will they give me a license if i have a misdemeanor? - 9 Replies

hi all, i think i have a problem. im really scared the state wont give me a license to practice because of a misdemeanor. it happened 10 years...

Kidfixer in DALLAS, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Has anyone taken and passed the NBRC Adult Critical Care Specialist exam? - 16 Replies

I recenty took the accs exam and missed passing got 68 needed 75. I took the lxr practice exam and the NBRC one. Any pointers on passing or does...

Easybreather in Teaneck, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

any rt ever gone from rt to nursing then nurse practitioner - 12 Replies

hi guys how are you all doing first I would like to tell you a little background about myself I have been a respiratory therapist for almost 7 years...


Updated 2 months ago

Respiratory Therapy through Independence University - 13 Replies

I have seen many negative reviews about this school and would like some HONEST input from other people. I am currently enrolled in their ASRT program...

Naarrt in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Updated 3 months ago

What is the best online review site to help me pass my CRT exam - 249 Replies

I found a website that had a review that was paid for by the month, you could use it for as long as you wanted. Unfortunately I lost the link and I...

Chelsie in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 3 months ago

Decisions, Decisions... RT, PT, or what? - 1 Reply

I'm looking for the best advice from people who have been there and done that. I am an aspiring student who has had the hardest time deciding what...

susanlipman@*****.*** in Morganville, New Jersey

Updated 3 months ago

kettering vs lindsay jones - 268 Replies

what program is better for review

Sandy in Los Angeles, California

Updated 3 months ago

How is the Respiratory Therapy Program at East LA Community College? - 99 Replies

How is the Respiratory Therapy Program at East LA Community College? I heard UCLA hires most of the graduates from ELAC since they work so close...

Tamya1029 in Bessemer, Alabama

Updated 3 months ago

Why does Respiratory Care have boards that nobody can pass? - 17 Replies

So, I have a classmate I graduated from my school still unable to pass the boards, and actually failed by 1 point the 2nd time....on decision making,...

Adawg2172 in Newark, Delaware

Respiratory Care AAS or Masters

I currently have a BS in Exercise Science and have been accepted into an AAS Respiratory Therapy Program. After being accepted into AAS program I was...

Nuno815 in San Carlos, California

Updated 3 months ago

Kettering NPS home study course material for sale - 23 Replies

Kettering NPS home study course material for sale. I am selling my Kettering NPS home study books. The set includes the study guide, addendum,...

Bee in Wichita Falls, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

I really need some advice about respiratory therapy - 27 Replies

My story is kind of long.I'll try to be as brief as possible.I went to a community college several years ago and screwed up.I was young and wasn't...

LongtermRT in West Roxbury, Massachusetts

Looking to speak to RT’s that work in long term care

I am wondering if the RT’s out there that work in long term care settings (ie: nursing homes) are contracted with the company that owns the facility...

Pima doll in Colton, California

Updated 3 months ago

SJVC – Rancho Cucamonga vs Concorde – San Bernardino - 59 Replies

Hi All, I am an older adult wanting to go back to school and wanting to make a new life for myself. I am hoping to start a program at either SJVC –...

RRTinPA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 3 months ago

Opinion on RT field in Florida and in general. Pay, hours, satisfaction in the field, etc. Nursing student leaving field. - 2 Replies

Hi guys, so I'm a current nursing student at a demanding program here in Florida..with a horrible graduation rate. Out of my original admitting...

Trevor in Hillsboro, Oregon

Possible Discrimination

Hello everybody. I have a question about an experience I had with Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro, Oregon. I had applied for the job several times. I...

Trevor in Hillsboro, Oregon

Possible Discrimination

Hello everybody. I have a question about an experience I had with Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro, Oregon. I had applied for the job several times. I...

Trevor in Hillsboro, Oregon

Possible Discrimination

Hello everybody. I have a question about an experience I had with Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro, Oregon. I had applied for the job several times. I...

Rtstudent in Seattle, Washington

Updated 4 months ago

Pima in Renton, WA. Not Accredited. - 12 Replies

I am interested in the Pima RT program in Renton, Wa. but it is not accredited by CoARC yet (status is letter of review). If I were to graduate and...

minnie min in anywhere land, Washington

Updated 4 months ago

current respiratory therapy student and i want out - 58 Replies

I'm a second year student, finished all of my competencies, got one more semester and a summer left of classes and clinicals yet I DO NOT want to be...

Mjamomma in Corpus Christi, Texas

Question about background history and possibilities of being an RT

I’m from Texas, and I have 2 drug related felonies that are deferred. Since they are deferred and I would be able to get them expunged after the...

Mjamomma in Corpus Christi, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Respiratory Therapist with a felony? - 9 Replies

I have a five year old drug felony and want to become a Respiratory Therapist in the state of Georgia. Is this possible?

Tim of the Midwest in Palm City, Florida

Just passed the CSE and am selling Lindsey Jones CSE study material.

I have been a CRT for 32 years. I took the RRT exams in 1987.You had to work as a CRTT(CRT)before you could take the RRT. I did not study and had not...

Lisa in Granada Hills, California

Updated 5 months ago

Respiratory Therapy License with a DUI - 12 Replies

I am currently attending school for Respiratory Therapy in AZ. I have a DUI from 2006 and I am worried that it may prevent me from obtaining my...

michelle in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 5 months ago

Kettering MP3 player and practice tests FS - 5 Replies

I have the newest Kettering MP3 audio for sale. Took the seminar in June and bought it there. For anyone who hasnt taken Kettering, this is the next...

Rtgirl011 in North Hollywood, Nevada

Updated 5 months ago

respiratory tutor - 3 Replies

Hello, I am a graduate from Respiratory therapy program in Bunker hill community college. I am offering tutoring in CRT, RRT...

ProudlyRespiratory in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 5 months ago

If RT's save lives, why are we not as represented/respected as RN"S? - 151 Replies

I have been an RT for 14 yr's. so I know of what I speak. I have silently watched as RT's work Code Blues, weaned patients off ventilators, loved and...

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