Banquet service vs. Restauarant service.

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schirall in New Rochelle, New York

110 months ago

The restaurant business is definitely my "Family business". My single mother raised me as a waitress, so I spent a lot of time "rolling silverware at 9 years old. lol

Got my first Busboy gig at 14, went to prep cook then line cook from about 18-22. Horrible pay, the worst work(besides dishwashers), but great eating and you are on a higher status then servers and such. Kitchen guys tend to get respect.

Then from 22 to now it's been all server, I'm 35.
ANYWAY, sorry about the auto biography.

I've spent 95% of my time at a fast pace, mid-level, usually Italian or American restaurants. From table clothes to placemats, from trays to hand, from high volume/low check to vice versa.

But only about 5% the catering thing.

I just starting. Worked one day(trained i guess)

what's the differences in:

and the balance of the two. Thanks for the help.


joe in Cumberland, Maryland

98 months ago

I find banquet work to be pathetically easy compared to working in the restaurant. It's all drop and go with minimal communication with the customer. I've actually been growing to prefer the setting actually for this reason. As for pay, it is less most likely. This depends on a number of things though. You'd have to refer to the people working in the organization to get that figure.


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