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Dishguy in Florida

Renew your login and password for the hughesnet portal

Help me get my login info renewed and I have forgotten my information

CBSatellite in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 1 month ago

Excede installs - 42 Replies

I've had several yrs experience working with Dish and Direct and recently started installing with Excede/Wildblue. Like the work but seems a bit slow...

Motomike119 in Johnson City, Tennessee

Updated 2 months ago

new hughes net installe requirements on the techs IE: pole mounts. - 28 Replies

Hughes has now told all there fulfillment contractors that they will increase their pay by $25.00 an install however they will be required to install...


Updated 4 months ago

HughesNet Installers & Companies - 10 Replies

Are there any HughesNet Installers or Companies in GA that may need help?

buyah21 in Williamsburg, Virginia

Updated 5 months ago

Average install time - 53 Replies

So I'm considering taking a job as a Dish installer. I've seen the pay scale per dish/reciever, but I'd like some independent, unbiased information...

Captain Neemo

Updated 10 months ago

Show me the money... - 262 Replies

What are typical satellite installer salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

jeremy in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 16 months ago

direct sat usa - 1 Reply

I've been working for direct sat usa for 3 years now. But have experience installing dish network for 5 years. When I first started with direct sat...

RICH in Orlando, Florida

Does anyone need an exede installer

Hi, I'm an exede installer living in T amp a FL. I have several years experience as a certified tech with exede. If anyone interested in a good...

GoGoTV in North Versailles, Pennsylvania

Can install techs refuse/decline/pass a service call?

How are techs assigned sat install service orders? Do they pick and choose or are they automatically assigned an order? Can they decline an order if...

Joseph Brice in New Bern, North Carolina

Updated 25 months ago

mastec installer. background check? - 5 Replies

hello everyone! i have two friends that are installers for mastec and I just got my phone interview last week! I am very excited. I have a background...

Earth2SkySatCom in Richmond, California

Updated 28 months ago

Who's Hiring in Georgia for either exede or Hughesnet - 1 Reply

Looking for a company that's hiring for either hughesnet or exede certified in both 4+ years exp if anyone knows let me know thanks.

Earth2SkySatCom in Richmond, California

Updated 28 months ago

Certified Exede Installer looking for work - 2 Replies

Over ten years experience with Satellite installations. Will work in Southwest Virginia, Southeast Kentucky, and Northeast Tennessee....

ZTedster in Savannah, Georgia

Updated 31 months ago

MasTec Satellite Installer Job - 42 Replies

Anybody work for MasTec as a DirectTV installer? I'm considering taking this job and would like to get an idea about pay. What would be a realistic...

ZandarKoad in Manassas, Virginia

Good listing sites for customer contact

Hi guys, I did satellite installs for 10+ years, and ftainstall used to be a good site for free customer referrals but it's so full of dead...

419slimline in West Salem, Ohio

Updated 37 months ago

Satellite Installation - 3 Replies

I have no idea where you people work, but my husband has been with a company for 7 years and has never brought home less than $1,400 a week. That's...

Jason in Columbus, Indiana

Updated 42 months ago

Pre employment testing - 6 Replies

Do they drug test during the first interview or afterwards?

Jason in Columbus, Indiana

Updated 42 months ago

Directv and 1 speed ticket that's 2years and 11 months old - 1 Reply

I got a job offer from multiband that installs for directv and accepted the offer but now waiting for background to come back. I am a disabled vet...

winterstein in Muskogee, Oklahoma

Updated 53 months ago

Looking to advance / Satellite Company - 1 Reply

Hi I've been an installer of cctv, cate5, phone lines, and here recently I have started installing satellite for direct. I am wanting to become a...

Janet in Fair Oaks, California

Updated 59 months ago

Satellite Technician in Utah looking for work - 1 Reply

Hello Everyone, So I am a veteran technician that wants to get back into installations. I've been working as a installation supervisor for...

Jammie Moore in Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 65 months ago

Boom or bust? - 32 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most satellite...

CHACHAG in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 71 months ago

interviewing with multiband/direct tv for installer job. - 19 Replies

I've been interested in this for a while and finally jumped in. I've heard the usual $1000/wk (believe it when i see it) and i've heard the...

Bill Kallis in Marion, Illinois

Updated 71 months ago

need a satellite install contract for a company with 5 installers - 3 Replies

need a contract in the dothan alabama area for 5 guys to do dish and direct who do we contact in this area looking for a 200 mile radius into sw...

davereis66@*****.*** in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 74 months ago


Hello all, my name is arthur. I have about 8 years experience with Directv and Dish. Im WildBlue, Spacenet and FireDog(home theater) certified. Im...

Bethany Helm in Danbury, Texas

Skills to pass satelite installer test

Can anyone tell me what math/reading skills are on the basic test you take on the internet? My son, who can fix anything electrical/mechanical/digita...

Dave in Gay, Georgia

Updated 83 months ago

Directv & Dish network contractors save charge backs ! - 12 Replies

All Direct Tv and Dish Network Contractors listen up, this may be useful... im a direct tv contractor and i had been having a lot of problems in...

tempist1 in East Dubuque, Illinois

Updated 83 months ago

Why do you agree to this? - 2 Replies

Why do installers/techs continue to accept the working conditions in this industry? Alot of what goes on is flat out illegal. I see installers...

Jerry Michael Colwell Jr in Grayslake, Illinois

Phoenix Arizona

Any directv techs from the Phoenix area? I would like to know how the work is and the co Panies you are working for, how they operate.

Jerry Michael Colwell Jr in Grayslake, Illinois

Phoenix o and o

Anyone know who is the best and legit Directv company to work for in Phoenix, AZ? I found 8 different companies on Craigslist...

KLP123 in Roper, North Carolina

Updated 86 months ago

Contracts for AV data or Computer installations or satellite installations - 1 Reply

Can someone show me or help me in getting contracts job. I have small business company that need some help. I'm very quality in my work. So plesae...

FUSIONLABS in pittsburgh,pa, Pennsylvania

Updated 89 months ago

Keypoint services - 28 Replies

Do not do any work for these morons. They will not pay you until they get ready, even though the contract state 45 days. They are a management...

bill in Albany, Georgia

Updated 89 months ago

Not being paid for work ,pay held for 365 days - 32 Replies

Has any one elce had this to happen ? Get hired by a contractor and work for them till they go back to Georga pay you for the first 8 jobs and the...

lilrob8622 in Austin, Texas

Updated 90 months ago

Cable Melting - 17 Replies

Sorry this is going to be long but I want you to have all the information, so I can get a handle on this problem. I have a problem I have never...

luke in Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Updated 96 months ago

Need experienced Directv installers in Kansas City ad Chicago - 5 Replies

Can anyone help.......

Nobody's Fool in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 96 months ago

Need help regarding a former satellite job - 1 Reply

My fiancé was working as a satellite installer for a subcontractor and they fired him for not being able to find line of sight. They sent a long term...

mastectech in Rochester, New York

Updated 96 months ago

hsp bought out by Mastec - 1 Reply

my company is being bought out by mastek. Anyone know how this works? Do they make us all start as new employees with beginner rates? How long does...

Hey in Magee, Mississippi

Updated 97 months ago

Does Anybody know where to find more satellite jobs? - 2 Replies

Does anybody know any other place besides Cable Bar where I can find job opening for satellite technicians? I am trying my best to locate satellite...

mauro pena in Honolulu, Hawaii

SAT 1.4M. wind storm power support

If Someone know how much wind storm support sat dish 1.4M set on the grond have 20 concret block on top on the base?

TECH in Jasper, Alabama

Updated 99 months ago

Seeking information on Satellites Unlimited in Bessemer,al - 4 Replies

Hello to everyone, i was wondering if anyone has worked or is still working for Satellites Unlimited in Bessemer,Al. i was thinking of applying for...

jgdishon@*****.*** in Pulaski, Virginia

Updated 101 months ago

hughesnet certifcation?????????????? - 1 Reply

anyone got a link? im in arkansas

RoRo in Covington, Kentucky

Updated 101 months ago

CATV Installers Vs Satellite Installers. - 2 Replies

I have been offered two jobs one with a satellite company and one with a cable contractor. Both jobs are paid based on piece work. What are the pros...

JTB in Bonham, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

Satellite - 3 Replies

What type of requirements are expected of satelitte technicians? Are there any license requirements? Are there any type of liabilty or other...

lloyd in Windsor Mill, Maryland

Updated 102 months ago



Direct TV Service Tech Cody in Corona, California

Updated 102 months ago

Speeding Ticket Direct TV - 1 Reply

Will they hire me if I have one speeding ticket on my record from 2 and a half years ago

er in Quincy, Illinois

Updated 105 months ago

satellite installatveion course - 2 Replies

Hi I want to take a course in satellite installation. Anybody have any leads... advice? Am in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. thanks Sharika

pete c in Crystal, Michigan

Updated 106 months ago

Becoming a Retailer/Dealer for Dish or Direct - 2 Replies

I was wondreing what i needed to do to become a retailer or dealer. Im a sub contracter right now and was wanting to start with the other any help...

MSphere in BONIFAY, Florida

Updated 107 months ago

wi-fi installers - 1 Reply

who do you contact in south alabama to get wi-fi install work ??????

sugarpicker in Acworth, Georgia

Updated 107 months ago

fired after working for company for several months - 2 Replies

From the very beginning of my employment with Directv and Mastec in Martinsburg, West Virginia, I had informed them that I had nonviolent felonies on...

Bryan in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 108 months ago


Lookin for satellite installer job in southern nm have experience in dish and direct tv. I have my own tools and truck. Thank you for any help in...

Jose Mendoza in San Francisco, California

Updated 109 months ago

where can I get trained to become a satellite installer - 4 Replies

it seems that there is a demand on Technicians these days so i was wondering where do you learn to become a satellite installer to work for companies...

travelteam63 in winstonsalem, North Carolina

nc satellite work that is not mastec

trying to find company in the nc area that pays and take care of their tech

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