Finding a secretarial or administrative position in Midland Texas

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Heather in Midland, Texas

129 months ago

I am a seasoned experienced general secretary in the engineering arena - the problem is im a transplant from another state and no one
in Midland Texas is hiring 'general' all around admin or secretarial without gas/oil experience and no one wants to train! It is frustrating to be an outstanding Admin/Secy. but no one wants to give you a chance. Most of the so-called positions are 'guarded' over by one or all of the local employment 'agencies' and protected. The excuse is: "They need gas/oil experience!" How is someone supposed to get experience if no one is willing to train? The paltry few positions available here in the desert can easily be filled by people who are all clamoring over each other to get to that 'one' position - AND, they all are local so naturally have gas/oil experience called for. The logical answer to this particular delema is 'go back home and get a job there'.... that would be fine if i could afford the move back - because THIS place sure doesnt have anything to offer unless one is REAL skill specific! If you dont posses gas and oil, legal, medical, accounts receiveable/payable or full charge - honey you dont get the jobs! I have good test scores in Excel, Word 03, and WPerfect, PowerPoint but no one notices. Its sad to see the business saavy and executive secretarial expertise overlooked....


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