Job search for the developmentally disabled.

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Dave in Chandler, Arizona

31 months ago

I have developed back problems and essential tremors in my hands due to a mini stroke. And was lucky enough to qualify for social security disability. Not nearly enough to cover expenses. I have 30 years experience as an electrician in both residential and commercial. I wil not be able to return to that field. Just filling out a job application would be a huge disadvantage because of the tremors. I honestly don't know where to start. Resume is fine, lots of experience, a veteran and loads of references (well did, 3 years ago) my last employment was just over 18 years at the same company. Seems the first question of an interview would be why are you here with so much experience in that field. My question is how apply or even search for and even keywords for something I have no clue of. I apologize for my ignorance, last time I've found work was the classified ads in the paper.


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