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Updated 27 days ago

Absa exam - 33 Replies

Hi, I have an ABSA exam in 2 weeks. Does the file they send it to me enough to pass? "please advise!


Updated 2 months ago

EVMS SA Masters - 6 Replies

Hi! I was just curious on the information if the master's program will earn you more money rather than just getting certified through another program.

shastinaw in Jefferson, Oregon

Updated 2 months ago

Which states employ Surgical Assistants? - 65 Replies

I am getting ready to start an SA program in Virginia. I have heard that some states dont employs SA's and I was curious about which states did.

DYoung41 in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 3 months ago

C-SA examination - 59 Replies

Is any one have some sample questions for C-SA examination? I went to NSAA website but only can find a study guide. I have no idea how to prepare the...

Tay White in Smyrna, Georgia

Updated 5 months ago

Certified Surgical First Assistant/Surgical Assistant Certified and Foreign Medical Graduate looking for employment - 2 Replies

Hello! I am a recently certified Surgical Assistant through the American Board of Surgical Assistants (ABSA). I also hold a foreign medical degree...

Hai in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 6 months ago

CSA exam - 1 Reply

Hi guys I am going to take CSA exam soon, I read study guide from their website, it looks brief. is there any other sources for study please I...

Chance in Maumelle, Arkansas

Updated 8 months ago

Surgical Assistant Billing - 8 Replies

I live in Virginia and am interested in billing insurance for my services. Does anyone have any tips for me? I basically need step by step...

Julyspain21 in Franklin, Massachusetts

Updated 10 months ago

EVMS Surgical Assistant Program - 6 Replies

Hi, I am VERY interested in attending EVMS's Surgical Assistant program but I would love some firsthand feedback from anyone willing to share. How...

pybazn in St. Paul, Minnesota

Central Services Technician or Sterile Processing Technician or Surgical Technologist or Surgical Assistant?

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise Science and I am wondering which path to take. Eventually, I am wanting to go into...

CardiacAssistant in (Private)

Hospitals to avoid.

It would help all to know which health care facilities to avoid...due to low pay, poor benefits, difficult managers or surgeons, etc. Post your...

Dr. B in Seattle, Washington

Updated 24 months ago

Is it really hard to land a job as Surgical Assistant if you don't have a PA or RN degree? - 81 Replies

Job postings nowadays are looking for First Assists with either a PA or RN degree... What about the fate of those Certified Surgical First Assistants...

tamodio in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 24 months ago

What are typical surgical assistant salaries? - 262 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

Riccigirl in Texas

Updated 27 months ago

Surgical Assisting in San Diego, Ca - 61 Replies

I am a Certified Surgical Assistant in Colorado looking to relocate in California, does surgical assisting even exist in Calli? Who does that job...

CardiacAssistant in (Private)

Looking for a First Assistant job in CVOR. Anyone know of anything?

Experience, certified and licensed First Assistant looking for a CVOR position. Can EVH. Prefer Arizona, Florida, Tennessee but will consider almost...

firstassist.illinois in Naperville, Illinois

Updated 37 months ago

Finding a position in Chicago - 6 Replies

Do you have any suggestions for finding a position in the Chicago area?

mandocrrls in Tucson, Arizona

CSFA CardioVascular experienced, seeking for an open position and willing to relocate.

Experience in open heart surgery, open and endoscopic vein harvesting. Clinical coordinator for vascular specialty with plenty of experience in...

Chicagoland Assisting in Crown Point, Indiana

Surgical Assistant

We would like to know if you are looking for a position as a Licensed Surgical Assistant in Chicagoland areas

Ariel in Cordoba, Argentina

SA work permit or visa H1 need advise

I already have the license of surgical assistant. Does anyone know if i can get a work permit o visa H1? Tx in advance for your help

Mrs. Smith in Knightdale, North Carolina

Updated 45 months ago

Anyone know of any Surgical Assistant Jobs? - 164 Replies

I am looking for a Job as a surgical assistant outside of Virginia, anyone know of any? I am certified with 10 years of experience. I am open to...

Kaput in New York, New York

CST wanting to become CSA

Hello, I'm currently a recent graduate and a CST now in NY. I haven't started working yet neither. Unfortunately I know NY doesn't allow CSTs to...

Lucas in San Francisco, California

Updated 50 months ago

Surgical assistant looking for a job. - 1 Reply

Hello a iam a certified surgical assistant, looking for a job, IMGS.

DenverW in Golden, Colorado

Updated 51 months ago

Surgical Assistant Jobs - 1 Reply

I'm a FMG looking for surgical assistant job. I recently got certified as SA-C. I was wondering if someone had information about how to gain sponsors...

Angela in Waverly, Tennessee

Updated 58 months ago

CFA Moving from Tennessee to Cenver Colorado? - 1 Reply

Why is it so difficult to find a CFA job in colorado? who does all the hiring?


Updated 60 months ago

Moving from NY to Atlanta? - 1 Reply

Hello all, I'm a fmg (foreign medical graduate) who is looking to get certified as a surgical assistant by the end of the year. However, i've...

Surg1999 in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 62 months ago

Any Info on CFA jobs in Tennessee? - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I'm thinking about relocating to the Knoxville area of TN, does anyone have any information on CFA jobs in and around that area? I have...

Camile Desire Helton in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Updated 62 months ago

SA-C - 7 Replies

I am surgical assistant certified , and i'm living in Houston tx, but I cant find a job as SA-C. can any body give me an idea.thanks.

kas in Sidney, Montana

Updated 64 months ago

I really could use some answers/help to my questions about becoming a Surgical assistant.. Thanks - 59 Replies

Ok... So first off i'd like to thank all and everyone who helps me figure out what I need to accomplish to become a surgical assistant. First off,...

too true in Redmond, Oregon

Updated 65 months ago

Need Advice on my Upcoming Road to Becoming a Surgical Assistant (Moved from "General" by me..sorry) - 4 Replies

First of all this isn't meant to be a double post..I accidently posted this exact same thread in the "General Forum", realizing that it was the wrong...

manuel salvador lopez cardenas in Texas

Updated 66 months ago

Looking for a job asfirst surgical assistant. - 33 Replies

I am a foreign medical graduate (MD) with 4 yrs of experience . currrently certified as first surgical assistant with current CPR. Looking for job....

Mohmad in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 67 months ago

Seeking CARDIOTHORACIC SURGICAL FIRST ASSISTANT Position. Anyone have anything? - 33 Replies

I am CERTIFIED Cardiothoracic-Vascular Surgical first assistant with over 10 years experience as a first assistant in open heart surgery. Trained...

camiledesirehelton in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 68 months ago

Surgical Assistant Salary. It's time for a change!! - 2 Replies

I hear comments all the time where Surgical First Assistants are being quoted salary as if there are Surgical Technologists. There is a difference...

Patp Patel in Illinois


I just immigrated to USA. I am a General Surgeon since 30 years. I have been researching about alternative career options and i think being a...

SA1DOC in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 74 months ago

can an img work as self employed/employed surgical first assist in SC? - 1 Reply

I am an foreign medical graduate and despite having all my USMLE steps cleared and being ECFMG licensed, I couldn't get into residency. I was an...

James in Farmville, Virginia

Updated 76 months ago

ACSEA or ACE did they lose their CAAHEP accreditation? - 3 Replies

I graduated from ACE.SA in 2010 if they have lost there accreditation since then can I still set for the NBSTA exam?

ars92011 in Calumet City, Illinois

Updated 79 months ago

Starting a group vs. self billing - 8 Replies

I am thinking of starting a group of SA's locally, but was curious of how others think about working as a group vs. staying self billing. I know...

Surgy17 in Rochester, Minnesota

Updated 82 months ago

Surgical Assistant Pay - 7 Replies

Anyone know what SA pay is in different parts of the country? I am trying to find out what the differnet pay is by state. I am involved with...

Footballchk in Texas

Updated 84 months ago

surgical first assistant inquiry - 4 Replies

Hi..i wanted to know opinions on 1) which is a good Surgical assistant program? 2) how is the job market now for surgical assistants esp. in...

CSA in Racine, Wisconsin

Surgical Assistants and Surgical Technicians the Shadow Warriors.

I've been working in the OR for 28 years now, I find my career as a Surgical Assistant unknown to most people. We have 3 governing bodies in the US,...

SAHope in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 85 months ago

Job outlook for CSAs - 1 Reply

I am considering going to Eastern Virginia Medical School for a graduate certificate in Surgical Assisting. How is the job market? Is it difficult to...

Wesley in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 86 months ago



ron in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 87 months ago

Surgical Assistant Salary in Virginia and Atlanta, GA area - 1 Reply

Does anyone have information regarding the starting salary of Surgical Assistants (NOT PA's or NP's w/ SA experience) in the Virginia and Atlanta, GA...

SA in Sugar Land, Texas

Suturing seminar

If you're interested in SA program: Key Access Institute is providing suturing seminar. An 8 hours of hands-on...

cjac in Greer, South Carolina

Updated 92 months ago

who took the ABSA exam in July or August ? - 4 Replies

I want to know more about exam

Porsha in Charleston, South Carolina

CSA jobs in Northern Arizona, Prescott, etc.

I am relocating from South Carolina to Arizona and looking for an SA position, even if part-time or call hours in Northern Arizona. So far, all I...

arlene santana in Corona, New York

Updated 95 months ago

Salaries as surgical assistants in new york - 4 Replies

I have a medical background, can I start studying as surgical assistant? how long does it take? what is the average salary annually?

cjac in Greer, South Carolina

Prospects of getting a surgical assistant job

I am a foreign medical graduate from Germany (ECFMG licensed ) with OB/GYN postgraduate training.I have several years of OR experience and always...

Armkomedical in Katy, Texas

Updated 96 months ago

Looking for a Surgical Assistant Job in Texas - 4 Replies

Looking for a Surgical Assistant job in Texas. Certified Surgical Assistant with 7 1/2 years of medical experience in the Navy, Two plus years as a...

susan in Franklin, Ohio

Updated 96 months ago

Tips for surgical assistant interviews. - 2 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming surgical assistant interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

dekoven in Albuquerque, New Mexico

find a preceptor

I'm a CST, I've been traveling for the past 4 years. I'm interested in becoming a CST/CFA. I was wondering how I could obtain a preceptor in order...

JSPL in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 99 months ago

some questions about becoming a CSA - 7 Replies

I am a CST looking into training to become a CFA or CSA and had a few questions for those of you who already practicing as surgical assistants. I...

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