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stephanie in Charleston, South Carolina

jobs in field besided working in OR

Has anyone taken a different path after recieveing a degree in surgical technology? I want out of the whole OR experience and want to try something...

Mami_Love8110 in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 81 months ago

Surgical Tech: Good Career for a young mom? - 1 Reply

Quick info about me: Young mom of 3 young kids - Current Job: 5+ years history, stable, not stressful, a "job" not career - Bills: Own my own home,...

Lunamomma in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Updated 81 months ago

First day of clinical please help - 2 Replies

Please help me I am just starting clinicals and i am soooo nervous any advice on how to get over being nervous, How will I know what the surgeon...

bangert2000 in Beatrice, Nebraska

Updated 81 months ago

Biology - 6 Replies

Hello, I'm a student in a surgical tech program and currently taking my prerequisite courses which include; mathematical measurements, intro to...

ORScrub2006 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Surg Tech Tips for Assisting with Breast Implant Removal with Capsulectomy

Please offer any tips or advice for this type of's been a while since I have assisted on a plastics case... Types of...

BRINA in Georgia

Updated 81 months ago

PAE vs CST? - 4 Replies

I am currently enrolled, ready to start next monday the surgical tech degree program. However the school just joined with another school (this past...

CST in Roanoke, Virginia

Updated 82 months ago

How is math being used as a surgical tech - 1 Reply

I'm a surgical tech student and I have to write a paper on how math is used as surgical techs for my math class. Any ideas

Star CST... in East Orange, New Jersey

How can a Surgical Tech re -gain their lost skills ?

Hello. I am a CST. I am currently working in Central Supply. I have just been hired by the hospital that I did my clinicals. Unfortunately, its one...

tristessa in Lakewood, Ohio

Tattoos in this field

I'm thinking of entering a surgical tech program but I have a very large "sleeve" tattoo covering my entire right arm. I don't want to waste time &...

SharonUK in Rochester, United Kingdom

Getting a job as a Surgical Technician in the US.

Hi, I am about to apply for a place on our equivalent of a Surgical tech course or as we call it, ODP.....operating theatre practitioner. I would...

Don't know! in Rockford, Illinois

Surgical tech program Rockford IL

I am due to start the surgical technician program in about 4 weeks and after doing some research I am undecided now. I hear it is hard to get...

Amber in Woodland, Washington

Surgical Technology in Vancouver, WA

I live near Vancouver, WA and am VERY interested in getting into surgical technology. I was wondering if anyone knew if I would be able to go to...

happylilsurgtechstudent in Largo, Florida

Updated 83 months ago

Is their a lot of jobs being a surgical technician? - 9 Replies

Im going to be going into school to be a surgical tech in July and i just wanna know if there are a lot of jobs in that field in Florida i don't know...

DiamondS1987 in Portage, Indiana

Updated 83 months ago

St student doing paper on Career options for CST - 2 Replies

So as stated doing a paper for my career development class and I'm having quite a bit of trouble find CST careers outside of the hospital OR and...

Scrub Tech in Calabash, North Carolina

Updated 83 months ago

Surgical Tech School/Pay - 9 Replies

I want to change career and have decided on Surgical Technoloy.I have heard many negatives comments,but still want to go for I love the hospital...

Lauren P in Orland Hills, Illinois

Updated 83 months ago

Surgical Tech - 3 Replies

How hard is it to get a Surgical tech position right out of school in IL?

AYORINDE in Northridge, California

S.T. Schools in Southern CA

Hello, I'm looking at two schools: Simi Valley Career Institute/Adult School And Everest College in Reseda. Does anyone have any experience with...

Lauren P in Orland Hills, Illinois

Updated 84 months ago

Questions about school accreditation/nationals - 1 Reply

I found a school that recently added a surgical tech program and was very excited about getting started. However, I noticed today that they are not...

dot7867 in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Nursing License

Can a DUI misdemeanor stop me from becoming a nurse?

Sue Davis in Pine Bush, New York

Updated 84 months ago

Second Week in Clinicals: Need Advice! - 15 Replies

Hello There! This is my second week of clinicals, wanted to see if anyone could give me some good advice, and how long it took before you actually...

Jasmen Stampley in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Surgical Tech Jobs?!

I am a new graduate of Surgical Technology and will be sitting for my CST Exam in early June. Why is it extremely difficult trying to locate a job....


Texas job market

Is it difficult to find a cst job in Texas? Also, are vocational schools looked down upon on resumes?? Any help would be appreciated!

981 in Ontario, California

Updated 85 months ago

CNI College in Orange County - 15 Replies

Does anyone know anything about this school? It is accredited, that I know.

Nicoleaddison in Drums, Pennsylvania

I am a ob tech and I'm only making 14.60hr

Please tell me where I can go to school to make more money


Updated 86 months ago

Mandated Certification in NY State - 1 Reply

Has anyone currently working in NY heard anything about the State passing legislation to mandate certification in the near future? At my hospital we...

valorie Eddins in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 86 months ago

Certification - 1 Reply

Do you have to be certified to work as a Surgical Technician in California?

HoMing in Austin, Texas

Allied Health Careers Surgical Tech Program in Austin, TX

Does anyone attend this school? What can you tell me about the program? Thanks.

brittney12 in Houston, Texas


what kind of jobs can you get i just graduated the surgical tech program and currently waiting to test for certification?

brittney12 in Houston, Texas

What all kind of jobs can i get?

I just graduated and waiting to take my certification test. I'm looking for a job I just want to know what all my opions are? Can you help me?

Bridgegirl in Gillette, Wyoming

Updated 87 months ago

Surgical tech schools in kansas city - 7 Replies

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the schools in kansas city with surgical technician classes...The internet is not showing very good...

surgtechstudent in Northfield, Ohio

Help....need to interview a CST

Can someone please help, I need to interview a surg tech!

Minhy in Oakland, California

Updated 87 months ago

Risk of disease? - 7 Replies

I've heard of the inherent risk of infectious disease that comes with the job, but what is the true extent of that risk? It seems all it would take...

Agnes in Worcester, Massachusetts

Updated 88 months ago

Surg Tech Travel - 2 Replies

I'm interested in traveling and I'm not certified. Should I be? Cross Country, Onward, American Travelersm etc. what are some good agencies to sign...

Skyye in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 88 months ago

Surgical Tech jobs - 1 Reply

I finished the Surgical Technologist class passed the certification its been 2 years and I have to find a job in Memphis, Tn and Cordova,Tn everybody...

NinaGoretoy in Duncan, South Carolina

Updated 88 months ago

Opthalmology Scrub Techs - 1 Reply

Anyone out there interested in working in opthalmology in Northern Virginia???

greyhound in Westwood, New Jersey

Updated 88 months ago

School Problems - 2 Replies

I'm currently finishing my classroom portion of the Surg Tech Program at my school. I have been in the program for 9 months. Next week I start the...

Maye in Orlando, Florida

Need help in choosing Surg Tech School...

I'm planning on starting school in Orlando,FL begining May. My problem is now that I've narrow it down to 3 schools,I can't seem to pick one! My...

cst soon to b in Atlanta, Georgia


im almost done my Surgical technologist course and i wanna know how much do they get paid in new jersey and in new york any answers???


Updated 88 months ago

Stress - 11 Replies

I'm interested in becoming a surgical tech and I would like to know if it is very stressful? Are most of the surgeons disrespectful towards the...

dmmoran in Westminster, Colorado

Updated 88 months ago

Schools in Colorado?? - 5 Replies

Hey all, I am wanting to go to school for Surg Tech, but in the Denver/Boulder area the only ones available are Concorde (CAAHEP accred, 12 mo.,...

Ashley in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


do you have to be certified in North Carolina for a Surgical Technician?

ArmyWifeCST in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Updated 89 months ago

Extremely Frustrated Surgical Tech in S.C. Need Peace of Mind! - 12 Replies

I am a Surgical Tech in L&D and let me tell you, it's really beginning to bother me. Right after graduation in 05, when certification was still not...

natasha in East Brunswick, New Jersey

need advise

i concerns reguarding my education, where i placedon my externship i didn;t recieve what i payed for, graduated changed strecher bedsfor my hours can...

kellys10666@*****.*** in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Thinking about going to school for a surgery tech.

I really wanna go to school to be a surgery tech. I graduated in 95 an I need to go to college does anyone have any suggestions on where I can go?...

Therapist in Spring, Texas

Oncology Massage

Where can I find a job treating cancer patients? What is consider a reasonable fee for therapy?

chris6046 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 90 months ago

Do you need to have the certification to work as an or tech in new jersey - 1 Reply

I'm recently graduated as a st, I have not take my test yet, but I was wondering if you need the certification to get a job or work in the or in new...

Carolyn in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 90 months ago

Time between graduation and being hired - 8 Replies

I'm wondering if any of you can share your experience if you had a long gap between graduating from a Surg Tech program and getting hired. Did you...

parker in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Updated 90 months ago

Surgical Tech questions - 4 Replies

I am a student now taking general classes at a community college. I have a few questions. I have had a fear of blood before, but think I could...

TrisheM in Petersburg, Virginia

Surgical Tech

I have been recently thinking about going to school to become a surgical tech or a pharmacy tech and I was wondering do anyone know which one would...

Marie in Oradell, New Jersey

Considering being a Surgical Tech in the Air Force

I'm not in the Air Force at the moment, but I'm a student graduating in January from a school that has nothing to do with the military. I'm just...

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