Technical Sales Job - INTERVIEW HELP! with forecasting a sale.

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JoeButlerUK in Chesterfield, United Kingdom

95 months ago


My name is Joe and i have a big big big interview for a wonderfll job as a technical sales specialist role in the UK that i have been trying to get for months, i have recently done a masters degree in Pharmacollogy and i have little business knowledge. In order not to blow this interveiw i was wondering if anyone could help me please?

I have to answer this question in a presentation:

What questions need to be answered before forecasting a sale?

More information after querying the question was: If there is a sales opportunity this must be justified, what questions would be asked before forecasting that there is a sales opportunity?

So far i can only imagine it is to do with the customers budget, there need and desire for the product.

I feel this would leave my slides very thin and so can anyone experienced in technical laboratory type sales advise me on what i can add or put?

Many thanks, Joe in the UK.


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