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Robotech in Oxford, Massachusetts

133 months ago

I have been looking for any type of job in the installation field for the past 10 m
onths. I can't even get a callback!!!!!! I'm just about ready to call it quits.


Bill in Jackson, Mississippi

120 months ago

Yes it is tough everywhere! Did you ever find work?


donny in Hooksett, New Hampshire

119 months ago

Due to very little,if any ,new construction going on,there is no work in telecom/fiber installations throughout the country.I have gone so far as to approach "HEADHUNTERS" about work out of the country and the only prospect available was in Iraq,with emphasis @ gun and mortar fire "nearby".Thanks but no thanks! Obama better start a WPA to rebuild this countries infra-structure,top to bottom. It will reach the point where the desperate working stiffs like us,out of work and reaching foreclosure will begin to "eat the rich' to supply bare essentials for their families.Central Park will become "Obamatown"like it did in the last depression;that's right I said DEPRESSION. Enough with my whining,I just saw an opportunity to speak amongst my peers.I sincerely wish all of you the best of luck.Bone up on your software skills.


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