Where might I get a vendor certification training for Nokia or Ericsson?

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127 months ago

Looking to get UMTS training for Nokia or Ericsson.


Al in Richardson, Texas

124 months ago

Well back in 2006 and 2007 several of the outsourcing companies were sponsoring individuals for the then upcoming UMTS work that the wireless carriers were about to begin upgrading their networks to. Alot of the people that were able to get 'sponsored' by companies such as Orin USA, TNS, Scom,Glotel, etc ended up not doing much of anything shortly thereafter since back then ATT and Cingular were merging and the anticipated workload that was predicted suddenly stopped.

Reason everything came to a stop was because Cingular ended up finding out that they didn't need so many cellsites in areas, and as a result ended up selling alot of the unneccesary sites to Tmobile. So while they were figuring all that out, alot of the planned upgrades suddenly halted-and consequently so did the work.
Anyways, not much of anything was going on until this past year when recruiting companies started scouting for people that had been to the classes and had some exposure to the newer Node B equipment being placed at cellsites across the country. If you were able to attend the classes that Ericsson, Lucent, and Nokia/Flexi were having, you were then able to get your feet back in the door and back to working. Alot of the UMTS work initially was being performed by cheaper Philipino work crews who were coming over on those H1B visas and flooding the US market with techs at real cheap labor rates. These are the same guys who would sleep 10 guys to a hotel room, to cut costs. As a result, because those guys were willing to work and travel for $10. to about $15.00 per hour, alot of the american techs that had been doing this type of work for years (GSM, analog, CDMA) got out of the field, since it was no longer worth trying to maintain a home base (with mortgage) and trying to find lodging, car rental, and meals all cuttig into the crumbs of what alot of these third party vendors were offering. Bottom line-if you werent in the classes then, you probably wont find then offered now.


max in Boston, Massachusetts

118 months ago

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Training in Hackensack, New Jersey

78 months ago

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