Why do companies require a Bachelor's degree for this?!

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nytshaed in Killeen, Texas

75 months ago

Please excuse my frustration.

I have a lot of public speaking experience. I've given speeches, conducted trainings, and facilitated others in learning. I love to learn new things. A lot of people dislike trainings because they are boring. I manage to interject some humor and make the training engaging with my audience. I can help the audience stay engaged with the topic I'm presenting. I pay attention to their body language and address the fact that they are losing interest towards the end of the presentation. For example, "I know you are getting bored. We are almost done. Just hang with me a little longer." I don't sugar-coat things that are the truth. I manage to have my audience understand that I am just like them when it comes to certain things.

I just don't understand why companies "prefer/require" someone to have a bachelor's degree in order to train. Any incite into this?

Thanks for letting me rant. Feedback is greatly appreciated. :)


jenn3799 in Mesa, Arizona

46 months ago

I understand your frustration but take a deep breath and apply anyways! Most companies will give someone with experience the job over someone with just a degree. I've also been told that the "prefer/require" a bachelors degree is there to deter applicants from applying who really don't fit the role as those roles are not exactly "entry level".

The only time I do not apply is when the degree requirement is bolded(as long as I fit all other qualifications).

Good luck. I hope this helps!


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