seeking job for written translator

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Mulyani in Jakarta, Indonesia

117 months ago

I'm seeking job for a written translator from every person/company who needs my service especially from Indonesia. please email me if some of you know about that because now i really need money to cover up my family daily need... Just contact/email me in if you are interested in me. I've some experiences on doing translation especially in written translation with NGOs in Indonesia vise versa english-Indonesia & Indonesia-English. I'll do my best on it.


jlerma@*****.*** in Phoenix, Arizona

73 months ago

Welcome to BizCorp Language Solutions BCLS.
PLease visit our website-We need Interpreters & Translators world wide. please see site for more information.


Jason Lemon in Las Vegas, Nevada

25 months ago

I would also suggest using, they help translators start their own business. They have a pretty cool setup to customize your website, translation management, orders, billing and pretty much all you need to start a business on your own as a translator. Sites like shopify and wix doesn't have these features, this company caters to the translation industry.

Wish you the best



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