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Smoking driver

Updated 1 day ago

Which Companies do NOT do hair tests? - 82 Replies

Some how, none of these drivers know the first thing about hair follicles. If you smoke and drive do it at your own risk, keep a bottle of synthetic...


Updated 1 day ago


What kind of drug test does Dupre logistics do if anyone can help.

Neva C

Updated 5 days ago

Can I become a truck driver with 2 dui's on record? - 12 Replies

First of all CR England is a sh*tty company to work for. I trained there in 1993 and I'm sure with the way things have gone in trucking it hasn't...


Failed pre-employment drug test

I think I may have failed a pre-employment DOT drug test in Texas. Will I lose my license?

Cornell H

Updated 8 days ago

Looking for fellow drivers help with my situation - 4 Replies

Contact Carolina Cargo. Tell them Cornell H. referred you.


Updated 14 days ago

Failed random drug test - 13 Replies

I just failed a pre employment drug screen for a company in IL.Does anyone know if I just go back to my last job and start driving again if the dot...


Updated 15 days ago

Team - Owner Operator with a Family - ALL comments welcome good or bad! - 43 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ajo in Cedar Rapids, Iowa"]We will be going on the road with our kids. (People do it all the time) the co that is training us allows...


DOT Log Entry

If you are on light dart and still required to maintain a log. Can you be on Line 1, “On Duty”, if you are taking a disqualified narcotic drug, by...


Updated 24 days ago

I had three accidents - 80 Replies

[QUOTE who="dave in Largo, Florida"]well i hope i can get some help from somebody here ... i m a student driver i just got graduated from a school...

chris mcquery

Updated 1 month ago

Log Book Legal Question - 253 Replies

what if you stayed with in the 100 or 150 mile radius but didnt return to the starting location that same day. does that count for 1 of the 8 days...

Terrick Robinson

Updated 1 month ago

Failed Hazmat Test! Help! - 187 Replies

[QUOTE who="sonja in Dallas, Texas"]i would like the study guide for california...thank you[/QUOTE] Do you know anyone who have the study guide...


Updated 1 month ago

trucking companies that will hire with a 1 year prior DUI - 227 Replies

[QUOTE who="Brandon in Arlington, Tennessee"]Email me your phone number and we can talk further about your specific situation.[/QUOTE] Are you...


Updated 1 month ago

hair follicle drug test - 28 Replies

I don't trust the accuracy of the test for two reasons one I have taken two hair test and neither one was correct the first one was positive for Meth...


Updated 1 month ago

Work over seas make big money - 202 Replies

I have 18 years experence no accidents Tanker hasmat doubles a clean driving record. I had to take a year off for heart surgery and other health...

Leti in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Updated 1 month ago

2 year old DUI, Will anyone hire me? New to the industry. - 872 Replies

I have a 2 year old DUI. Is there any .that will do company training and then hire me as a team driver? My fiance has a CDL but will also need...

ChineseLantern in Santa Ana, California

Updated 1 month ago

Fatigued driver told to leave safe haven, arrested, suspended by company - 5 Replies

I am a female solo long haul trucker with 6 months of experience with a large company. I am presently suspended by my company with no pay. I was...

420 CMV driving beast

Updated 1 month ago

Failed drug test and refusal on dac report - 280 Replies

I am currently looking for a job in trucking. Back in 2005 I was smoking Mary Jane and came up dirty with swift and my brother refused to test on a...

antv2688 in Richland, Washington


Is your company that will hire me with only 3 years clean driving record And train CDL drive truck I wanna drive truck but I don't have ACD L and I...

Ryan Cretaro in Concord, Ontario

Updated 3 months ago

CDL driver looking for work. - 2 Replies

i'm looking for a company in arizona, that will hire me. i can't find any company that will hire anyone under the age of 21., i'm only 19. but i have...

Lazerhp in Rochester, New York

dot drug test

bit of a dilemna so i took a pre_employment drug test and tester said sample was out of temp rnge so ieft and they wrote it up as a refusal. Who...

Matt in Canfield, Ohio

Who can hire me with 3 tickets in the last 3 years?

Hi I am having a little trouble with my Job Search. I have been a Field Tech the past 3 years where I received my first two speeding tickets (15...

kevin in Taylor, Pennsylvania

Who hires with a roll over?

Went with trans am but had safety concerns and left, westernexpress needs my tickets paid but im fighting them in court so can't pay fines untill ...

Jason in Pompano Beach, Florida

What are some good resources for finding Class A CDL drivers in Mount Pleasant, PA?

Hi, Just looking for some resources to find Class A CDL drivers. Is there a truck driver directory I can find on the web?

Matt201912 in Pinckney, Michigan

Updated 4 months ago

Can't Get Hired - 1207 Replies

I recently graduated from TDDS . I had perfect attendance, made the honor roll and I am having trouble finding a trucking company to hire me. I had...

Penpal2tru in Saint Paul, Minnesota

I received a DUI two and a half years ago. I have over 20 years over Road experience. Do anyone know of a company large or small

Looking for a driving job. Need to work now. Thanks

Jerry in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Buy Registered Driver License, Passport, Visa, Residence permit, medical insurance, Id card.

We aim at constant expansion of range of services we render to our customers and at enhancement of our Customer Service quality. Guided by this...

Elena in Saint Paul, Minnesota

PASS ASCP Exam With our Quiz of over 130 High Yield questions

We are a group of former MLS students who decided to build an association to help recently graduate CLS or MLS students pass their test on the...

Union Beer in Secaucus, New Jersey

CDL A or B Drivers - we'll train recent grads!

Apply here ! Union Beer Distributors is hiring multiple CDL A and B Drivers for our new warehouse opening soon in...

Andy Bennett

Updated 4 months ago

have cdl license class a but no experience - 164 Replies



Updated 4 months ago

I'm having hard time to get a job - 2 Replies

1 recently have 4 week old 1 violation, i have sent job applications to almost 10 trucking company but i never recieved phone calls about my...

ABetterWay in San Francisco, California

Updated 4 months ago

Recent gruduate with 8 year old felony will anyone hire me? - 58 Replies

I just graduated and I have a felony. The felony was back in Feb,2000 for breaking and entering. I have tried Swift, Werner, Shnider, and no one will...

Vynera Transportation. in Downers Grove, Illinois

Hiring Class A CDL Drivers/Owners Operators.

.55c per mile Dedicated routes Effective communication with dispatch Late model equipment Direct Deposit We have our own repair shop Email me...

Vynera Transportation. in Downers Grove, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

I need to get hooked with an owner operator - 1 Reply

Hello guys, could some one hook me up to drive with an owner operator? i had a ticket thats keeping me from getting a job with big carriers. not a...

Henrythawng in Battle Creek, Michigan

Updated 4 months ago

Will I be a to find a job wit moving violation? The citation was driving on road way traffic lane - 2 Replies

This is my first offense on cdl

Khera24 in Aurora, Illinois


I recently got a dui, which I am still going to court for. I was wondering if I would still be able to obtain a cdl and Work for my dads compant. I...

Keith martin charlotte nc in Waltham, Massachusetts

Updated 4 months ago

Class B CDL jobs with no experience? local? - 740 Replies

I'm thinking about starting Star truck driving school here in IL. I would like to get a class B CDL. My question for you people that have had a CDL...

SuperTrucker765 in Anderson, Indiana

Companies That "Pay" Upfront with contract agreement

Does anyone know a trucking company that will pay a drivers ticket off if a contract is signed prior to employment? I got a ticket back in 2016 in...

kendrickcraft29 in Plano, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

team trucking companies that will hire someone with a 5 year old felony - 132 Replies

does anyone know any companys that will hire teams with one driver having a 5 year old felony and 17 years of driving over the road

rox in Russell Springs, Kentucky

Updated 5 months ago

OTR training - 1 Reply

I have a family and only wish to be a local or regional driver. Is it possible to obtain otr training hrs without being gone for months, or avoid it...

Lawrence60@*****.*** in New York, New York

Updated 5 months ago

how can i get a JOb after 3 avoidable accidents - 9 Replies

I worked for swift transportations, had 3 backing accidents, now struggling to get a driving Job after getting fired. No body would hire me unless i...

Suttons Trucking in South Bend, Indiana

Updated 5 months ago

washed out at Schneider, looking for job w/ no hometime - 1 Reply

After being put through a driving academy by Scneider and acing my CDL exams, I got into orientation and washed out. I guess you could say I'm the...

pys transport

Any driver looking for a job?

Otr driver two years minimum expierence required willing to stay out paying up to .45 cents a mile home time when needed bonuses weekly pay direct...


Updated 5 months ago

CDL and seizures - 35 Replies


RWF in Kentucky

CDL: Seeking Advice, Considering Career Change and Getting My CDL

I'll start with the bad news... I have a 5 year old DUI, I take an antidepressant, I'm prescribed a CPAP, and I've never had my CDL Before I go...

CWRECRUITING in Port Richey, Florida

Are you looking for a Class A CDL Job

Looking to get your CDL A or already have it? We have positions with large and small companies. We recruit for companies throughout the lower U.S....

Darryl Isaacs in Louisville, Kentucky

Trucker Pet Peeves

There’s no avoiding it, no matter which kind of passenger vehicle you drive, sharing the highways with huge and abundant semi-trucks is a reality of...

benjamin in Rialto, California

Updated 6 months ago

O/O Looking for drivers - 3 Replies

Looking for a driving position running Southeast and Southwest with good miles and pay.

Ceviona SCott in Dallas, Texas

In search of Independent Trucker

Hello I am starting up a dispatching business is in search of a Independent Trucker who is in need of of someone to find loads we can discuss the...

SHAWN W in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 6 months ago

What should I do when received a notice of suspension - 2 Replies

I am a truck driver work for a company .Last year I got into an accident in OKla city when I made a delivery from PA to CA and someone was injured....

Gary in Lithonia, Georgia

Updated 6 months ago

leaving your truck for company to pick up - 80 Replies

What if you leave your truck and have the company pick it up. Would that have an affect on getting other driving jobs?

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