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[QUOTE who="Johnny Dallas Tx in Arlington, Texas"]yes it will it is automatically reported if DOT test if you flunked urine test I presume. You are ...


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how can i get a JOb after 3 avoidable accidents - 21 Replies

I have 2 avoidable accidents. My first was a backing incident my first week. I had run my clock out and I only just barely made it to a rest stop in...


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Log Book Legal Question - 260 Replies

[QUOTE who="Javin Lubuw in Vancouver, Washington"]Your info will be uploaded to a database that any state trooper or weigh station will see. Dont...


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Which Companies do NOT do hair tests? - 101 Replies

What about Mid Con Carriers out of Okc, Oklahoma? And qhat about ACT out of Kansas City?

Old skool

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have cdl license class a but no experience - 175 Replies

Update. Driving 5 days a week now M-F...Got my Cdl A back without ever setting foot in a school....put 2 apps in then called several companies an...


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Failed drug test and refusal on dac report - 349 Replies

Nope. I've taken many physicals and had my hazmat endorsement. Never once was there any red flags that kept me from getting either my dot card or...

Jose Z

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Work over seas make big money - 205 Replies

I've been driving for three years, 27yo, single, no kids, perfect in that way to go overseas. There's only one detail, I got 3 tickets called my...


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trucking companies that will hire with a 1 year prior DUI - 232 Replies

I have a dwi(well actually a submittal to a BAC) on my cdl that I was issued in may 2016 but I didn't plead guilty to it and instead I was put into a...


Updated 17 days ago

Can't Get Hired - 1208 Replies

I got pulled over in new Mexico police say I was texting and driving and I wasnt and I getting my tablet from the floor now I have text while driving...


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I had three accidents - 92 Replies

[QUOTE who="jamesdonovan in United states"]after 3 years no biggie, if that 3rd year rolls around and you have a clean record you will get work...


Trying to get back truck driver

I had a accident the second week by my self. I worked for PTL out of Murray Ky. A car stop in front of me. I had to hit the brakes. When I did my...


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Have you been terminated for a minor incident? - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="patriciajnsn in Sioux City, Iowa"]That's too bad.So they automatically accused you without even questioning the other driver?I'm strongly...


DOT inspection violation report

Back in February 2018 I was stopped at scale house. The officer told me I was reported to them for drinking and smelled of alcohol. After the vehicle...


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Team - Owner Operator with a Family - ALL comments welcome good or bad! - 48 Replies

[QUOTE who="april in Tampa, Florida"]No no no. First of all trucking is a brutal life. You gotta love what you. Its no life for a child of any age....


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hair follicle drug test - 31 Replies

[QUOTE who="Eric G. in Greensboro, North Carolina"]Follicle testing is accurate for whatever drug usage is being sought. Over the counter...


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Failed random drug test - 19 Replies

I failed a post accident drug test in April 2018, but I havent heard anything from dot. But I havent been able to land a driving job since. It is on...


New to trucking: Hair Folicle Drug Test

I have a question. Late last summer, I took a vacation to Colorado a few times and consumed legal, recreational marijuana. I am not a addict or a...


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Can I become a truck driver with 2 dui's on record? - 14 Replies

I know I’m late but if I have a failure to appear in court on my record and they sent my fines to collection will dmv still let me test for my cdl...


Preemployment drug screen

Im an owner operator an tested positive at Preemployment drug screen haven't done the SAP program yet. Anybody know any company that may still hire...


Updated 2 months ago

Recent gruduate with 8 year old felony will anyone hire me? - 64 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ramon in Saginaw, Michigan"]I just graduated and I have a felony. The felony was back in Feb,2000 for breaking and entering. I have tried...


Updated 2 months ago

Hard to find company paid CDL training and be home 3 or 4 weekends a month? - 150 Replies

[QUOTE who="jessica051182 in martinsburg, West Virginia"]Okay, I have a little situation, and cannot seem to find an appropriate answer. Hopefully...


Can’t find s job after 3 preventable,

Worked the Dollar General account right after CDL school for five months and made 3 mistakes that I learned from, trying to find a job anywhere to...



I was told by a lab that I failed a drug test and CDL would be revoked. I've heard nothing from anyone and CDL endorsement still on there. How do I...



I have a pending DUI charge but I still have my CDL license but can't find a Trucking company to take me till this thing is resolved.Anybody got any...

David mada

Updated 2 months ago

orientation at swift - 10 Replies

madaAnyone tell me what to expect from swift transportation orientation if I already have 2 years of experience. I was told I didn't have to go...


Updated 3 months ago

Trucking School? Or paying my own costs for CDL school? - 1 Reply

Sam situation Take the tuition reimbursement get a job if you are drug free and accident free


Updated 3 months ago

Can I get a job truck driving after failed random drug test - 1 Reply

First things first. You will need to go to a SAP program and receive a certificate. Then, you wait...3 years is the minimum before any company will...

Whitney Maybelle

Updated 3 months ago

Trucking School or Driver Training Recommendation? - 2 Replies

I have been very impressed with They are very good and have excellent information. I highly suggest you give them a few...


14 Years Exp, Class A, CDL, TWIC, Hazmat, Double/Triple and Tanker, But I have 4 violations

I have all of the experience in the world, and due to a tough break, I got these violations (all recent) and cannot get hired anywhere after my...

Global Logistic Solutions

We have 26ft box truck available currently seeking loads in Greensboro, Charlotte, or Raleigh

I am trying to find out how to get customers for straight truck loads

Christopher Malcom in Rochester, Minnesota

Updated 4 months ago

2 year old DUI, Will anyone hire me? New to the industry. - 876 Replies

I have a 2 year old DUI. Is there any .that will do company training and then hire me as a team driver? My fiance has a CDL but will also need...

Truesheep in Clinton, Arkansas

Updated 5 months ago

Trucking jobs - 1 Reply

What do I have to do to get another trucking job after a drug refusal

Allessandra Inzinna in Coral Gables, Florida

Older Truck Drivers

Good afternoon everyone, I'm a student reporter in the Miami area writing an article on how Americans are working longer than ever, and I know...

KKL1991 in Splendora, Texas

Failed drug test DOT

2014 my husband was applying for a pipe line job. He failed the drug test for opioids. But they told him he failed for heroin. My husband has never...

KKL1991 in Splendora, Texas

Question about DOT drug failire

I’m 2014 my husband was applying for a pipe line job. He failed the drug test for opioids. But they told him he failed for heroin. My husband has...

I need to get this hazmat test pass what in Salisbury, Maryland

Updated 6 months ago

Failed Hazmat Test! Help! - 189 Replies

Well, I just took the Hazmat and Doubles endorsement tests in Tennessee and, to my surprise, failed both. It's unbelievable. I've been studying for a...

Miranda in Clarksville, Tennessee

Updated 6 months ago

DOT Log Entry - 1 Reply

If you are on light dart and still required to maintain a log. Can you be on Line 1, “On Duty”, if you are taking a disqualified narcotic drug, by...

Nick Dere in Torrance, California

Updated 6 months ago

3yr old DUI - 1 Reply

I drove for a yr, got a dwi in my personal car, it's been 3 yrs, where Can I get a job..

Chris Aos in Lewistown, Montana

What kinds of oilfield jobs are you looking for?

I have recently started a driver recruiting and employer job posting site. We are specific to the oil and gas industry and specialize in drivers with...

GM1258 in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania

Updated 6 months ago

Fatigued driver told to leave safe haven, arrested, suspended by company - 6 Replies

I am a female solo long haul trucker with 6 months of experience with a large company. I am presently suspended by my company with no pay. I was...

Marty in Sherman, Texas

Failed pre-employment drug test

I think I may have failed a pre-employment DOT drug test in Texas. Will I lose my license?

Cornell H

Updated 7 months ago

Looking for fellow drivers help with my situation - 4 Replies

I recently was working for CRST as a team driver. A month ago, I was involved in an accident in Texas on I10 in El Paso where someone cut someone off...

antv2688 in Richland, Washington


Is your company that will hire me with only 3 years clean driving record And train CDL drive truck I wanna drive truck but I don't have ACD L and I...

Ryan Cretaro

Updated 9 months ago

CDL driver looking for work. - 2 Replies

Hi i am looking for a driver, i can make sure i get your the best of everything to my ability, this isn't a fly by night operation, great opportunity...

Lazerhp in Rochester, New York

dot drug test

bit of a dilemna so i took a pre_employment drug test and tester said sample was out of temp rnge so ieft and they wrote it up as a refusal. Who...

Matt in Canfield, Ohio

Who can hire me with 3 tickets in the last 3 years?

Hi I am having a little trouble with my Job Search. I have been a Field Tech the past 3 years where I received my first two speeding tickets (15...

kevin in Taylor, Pennsylvania

Who hires with a roll over?

Went with trans am but had safety concerns and left, westernexpress needs my tickets paid but im fighting them in court so can't pay fines untill ...

Jason in Pompano Beach, Florida

What are some good resources for finding Class A CDL drivers in Mount Pleasant, PA?

Hi, Just looking for some resources to find Class A CDL drivers. Is there a truck driver directory I can find on the web?

Penpal2tru in Saint Paul, Minnesota

I received a DUI two and a half years ago. I have over 20 years over Road experience. Do anyone know of a company large or small

Looking for a driving job. Need to work now. Thanks

Jerry in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Buy Registered Driver License, Passport, Visa, Residence permit, medical insurance, Id card.

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